Any 24 Hours Gym in Singapore?

There are times when you need to skip with your regular workout simply because the gym is way too far from your home or, the gym is already closed after your work. If you are in Singapore and you wish to have a continuous workout and you simply don’t like to entertain the idea of “excuse my fitness sessions today” you need not to worry much because this country in Asia offers a fitness gym that offer 24/7 service to everyone.

Anytime Fitness Singapore

With Anytime Fitness Singapore, there is no more chance for you to entertain those fitness excuses. This fitness gym is actually an American brand which was established in 2002. Basically, it’s one of the few gyms in SG that offer round the clock fitness services and it simply boots its strategic location – in a housing area that is simply high density. So if you have a busy life and would want to continue with your regular workout anytime of the day, Anytime Fitness SG simply works best for you!

Anytime Fitness Branches in Singapore



Since Anytime Fitness is the only franchise fitness gym that offers 24/7 services in the country, rest assured that each branch is strategically situated in areas wherein they can be easily accessed. The following are the branches of Anytime Fitness wherein you can go and realize your uninterrupted daily workout at its best:

  • Anytime Fitness North West (Woodlands)
  • Anytime Fitness Macpherson
  • Anytime Fitness Central Singapore
  • Anytime Fitness Jurong Gateway
  • Anytime Fitness Valley Point


With the popularity of this gym, it is expected that more branches are soon to open in highly accessible areas of the country. Thus, keeping your body fit and strong is no longer an imaginary thing even when you work busily like a bee in Singapore. With a 24/7 fitness service, doing your daily workout after a day’s work is no excuse!

More Details:

  • Anytime Fitness Gym Singapore is open and available 24/7
  • 24/7 access to thousands of clubs worldwide
  • Affordable rates guaranteed


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