Any Art and Craft Stores in Singapore?

If you are a lover or a fan of arts and crafts then it is more likely that you will be looking for them wherever in this world you would go. Fortunately, you are in Singapore and you are now currently in search for the best places where you can find art and craft stores where you can avail something for your satisfaction. Below is a list of some of the best stores where many of the best arts and crafts are offered in Singapore:

Arts ‘n Craft Singapore

Maybe you would want to think that collecting arts and crafts is only a thing for the rich and famous. Well, this is already a thing of the past. At Arts ‘n Craft, SG you are simply given the opportunity to choose from the plethora of choices that you can simply acquirer at affordable prices. You will definitely eat your heart up by the wide range of selections so you will always have something to bring home every time you visit here. This shop is simply one of the best arts and crafts shops in Singapore today!

A unique collection of arts, crafts, gifts, premiums, antiques, souvenirs, gems and jewelry, frames, paintings, statues, sculptures, furniture and fillings, lamps, shades, crockery and cutlery tastefully selected.


Arts n Crafts (
180 Serangoon Road Little Road Singapore 218057
Phone: +65 6299 0500

Craft and Scrapbook Retail Store

It is here where you can find any craft and art products that interest you most and get the best demo out of the stuff you have picked. The store believes that there is nothing more like handling the art or craft tool before making a particular purchase. All products can be purchased online or in-store. However, there are products that can never be found on the store’s online portals but are available in the physical store. In this regard, always find time to inquire before making a purchase.


Craft In Vogue (
40C Hongkong Street Singapore 05679
Phone: +65 6100 0248
Hours: Mon-Sat: 12pm – 7:00pm / Sun: Closed

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