Any Cheap Gym in Singapore?

You should always remember that even if you are on a Holiday break, or even if you are really busy at work, it is still important to keep your body healthy, strong and really fit. You can opt to exercise at home where there is a big possibility that you will end up spending the entire day in front of the TV or, you can look for a cheap but well equipped gym near your area. Singapore does not fall short on the number of really affordably gyms and fitness centers, but if you are looking for just one, then Anytime Fitness is where you should go.

Why Choose Anytime Fitness?


When it comes to the number of members and patrons, Anytime Fitness has 2 million members to show for. Here are the reasons why this is the best gym to go to in Singapore:

  • Always Open – aside from the fact that each of their clubs or centers are well stocked with the latest fitness machines or equipment, you will never run out of space when you get to any of their center. Anytime fitness literally offers its members the ability to stay fit and work out at anytime of the day.
  • Affordable Rates – you really do not to spend so much money on staying fit because their rates are affordable. Your money will not only allow you to afford your gym membership, you will also have access to their equipment, enroll in their fitness programs and get the chance to work with their amazing and equally capable staff.
  • Anywhere Fitness – this just means that they have a lot of clubs or fitness centers not just all over Singapore, but also all over the world. So no matter what time of day or what your location is, there is an Anytime Fitness club ready to take care of your fitness fix.

Anytime Fitness (

  • 10 Anson Road, Singapore
  • 204 Bedok North Street
  • Blk 86 Marine Parade Central #01-670, South East, Singapore

Phone Numbers:

  • +65 9477 1182
  • +65 8168 1012
  • +65 9427 2823

Open Daily 24/7

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