Any Free Shipping to Singapore?

The fact is that many shoppers and buyers simply take their time to find something that helps them to save money in the process. And when it comes to making huge savings, we cannot deny the fact that online shopping proves to be the best. Aside from the great discounts that you would commonly get from a particular online shop, you are also given the opportunity to have your orders shipped and delivered right at your doorsteps for free! The following are some of the best online stores in Singapore that offer free shipping to any point of the country:



This is a Japanese online retailer which is also known as one of the largest e-business companies all over the world. It is here where you can find different kinds of merchandise such as men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids and baby clothing, shoes, accessories and many others. You will be able to avail of this site’s free standard international shipping to Singapore for any $60 purchase or more.


American Apparel


If you are simply thinking about doing the best shopping experience then you can simply do this on this online shopping site where different kinds of high quality products are currently offered on discount prices. Clothing, apparels, accessories and more are what you can find in this sweat-shop and trendy online shop. And since you are looking for a way to get your orders delivered and shipped to your address, American Apparel can have it realized for you by simply making a purchase over $100.




This is simply one of the world’s most famous online shopping sites where almost anything possible under the sun can be found. For a purchase of $125, you can simply have your orders shipped to your home in Singapore for free and this is really a great treaty for you!


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