Any Hotel Gym Membership in Singapore?

Are you thinking about traveling or staying in Singapore for a period of days but it seems that you are a bit worried because you will be leaving your regular gym classes? Or maybe you are a resident of SG but you are looking forward to getting a gym membership in one of the best hotels in the country? Well, this is really something prestigious on your part because instead of going out to attend your gym class in one of the various gyms around, you can simply proceed to the hotel in style and there you can use your membership to use all the gym facilities and equipment offered in the hotel.

Grand Hyatt Singapore


To be able to get your hotel gym membership, it really pays to check this out at Grand Hyatt’s Damai Spa and Fitness Center. It is here wherein your path to relaxation and fitness is going to be unlocked, plus you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great deal of benefits that can only be availed when you are a member of Damai Spa and Fitness Center.

The Damai Gym Membership

Get the opportunity to feel and look better by simply using many of the modern and state of the art gym equipment and materials that can only be found here. And to help you achieve your fitness goals, you can simply try any or all of the following offers: strength and kinesis machines, Technogym cardio and the best gym instructors to help and assist you in achieving your goal. Aside from these, there are also lots of privileges that you will surely enjoy. Your annual membership fee actually costs SGD 3,360.

Damai Spa and Fitness Center at Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore
Address: 10 Scotts Road, Singapore, Republic of Singapore, 228211
Phone: +65 6738 1234
Fax: +65 6732 1696

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