Any Interesting Restaurants in Singapore?

If you are living in Singapore or have visited this country for a vacation then it is for certain that you want to try eating in different restaurants to have a taste of everything this country has to offer in terms of food. To add up to your interest, why don’t you try dining in a restaurant which is known for its interesting and extraordinary qualities? Here are some of them?

1942 Alfresco @ Changi

If you are someone who is very much interested in history then you will be glad to know that Singapore actually comes with a World War II-inspired restaurant. This place is strategically located in Changi and is decorated with WWII memorabilia including war props, machine guns, sandbags, Japanese flags, old banana notes and a series of storyboards that narrate the fall of Singapore to Japan.



Address: 30 Cosford Road, Singapore 499550

Premium Barbers


Here, you can enjoy having your tresses trimmed as you sip a cup of hot and steaming Americano or Mojito. However, ladies aren’t allowed here because this place is simply owned by the men who simply like pampering themselves on their own way. Premium Barbers also offers a twelve seat bar, an old school barbering style, modern spa treatments, etc. it’s a perfect place wherein you can get that pampering you want as you end your day with a cold mug of beer.

Address: #4-12/13 Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, S238858

We are the Furballs


If you haven’t owned a pet then this pet-inspired café is the perfect place for you. Here you can have the opportunity to watch and be in the company of pets that you haven’t been given the chance to own. Enjoy these cute and adorable pets as you enjoy your food and drinks.

Address: 45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765

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