Any Online Bicycle Shop in Singapore?

If you are fond of riding a bicycle then it is more likely that you want to buy your own. And when it comes to buying a bicycle, it obvious to note here that buying one from an online shop is simply the best option you should do. This is true to the fact that it is through an online shop wherein you can get well-branded bicycles that simply exude the best quality and the best prices ever. The following are some of the best online shops in Singapore wherein you can buy the kind of bicycle you truly want.


BYX is an online bicycle shop which is based in Singapore and proves to be one of the best bicycle shops these days. It offers a myriad of bicycle brands which include Fuji, Stevens, Kestrel, KTM, Alpine Stars, Serfas and more. Aside from the best bikes offered here, BYX also offer other services which include maintenance, bike rental and bike wash.


You can fill out the form on the site’s contact page to keep in touch with BYX.


Bike Actually SG



If you are looking for a stylish kind of bike then Bike Actually SG should be the best place you should go. This is actually the number one or the leading seller of bikes in Singapore these days so this is already a good assurance for you when it comes to best brands, best prices and best quality.

Visit Bike Actually SG store for a test ride

Address: Dhoby Ghaut Xchange B1-37
Phone: +65 9824 9823

Bike Plus


Another leading online bicycle shop in SG is Bike Plus where nothing but the best brands and prices of bicycles are offered.

Address: 833 Bukit Timah Road, #01-11 Royalville, Singapore 279887
Phone: +65 6465 1597

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