How to Lose Weight Fast?

More often than not, everyone wants a quick-fix solution to their increasing weight. We have come up with Top 5 ways on How to Lose Weight Fast as follows:

1. Lemonade Diet Plan

Even Lemonade diet was created 50 years ago by Stanley Burroughs as a fast and efficient way to get rid of all the toxic waste of your body, Now, it is an efficient weight loss technique, especially after Beyonce lost 20 pounds applying this method.

How it works?

If you want to know how to lose weight fast and you don’t have time or resources for elaborated diets, the lemonade diet is one of the cheapest and efficient ways for a result that will help you have a healthy life and a good looking body. First of all you have to be prepared to give up any solid food, so no burgers, pizza or even home cooked meals. In case, you don’t know how to prepare lemonade here is the simplest recipe for a successful diet:

  • Two big spoons of fresh lemon juice
  • Two big spoons of maple syrup
  • Just a little bit of red pepper
  • 10 oz of clean and fresh water

You must drink 6 cups of lemonade a day and nothing more. No other liquids or food is allowed, but you can consume a cup of laxative tea in the evening if you feel like you need it.


Side effects

Be careful! Even if this kind of diet is very efficient, it can turn out to have some sides effects like:

  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness and fainting
  • Slowness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

These reactions are completely normal, but if your body is healthy enough you will be able to lose weight fast without suffering from these side effects. But lemonade diet is not so efficient if you want to have a fast burning of fat. In that case you should try to exercise more and transform all of your fat into muscles, because the lemonade diet is based on a low calories intake and not on fast burning of your fat.

Risks of lemonade diet plan

This diet is considered an extreme one and it can cause you lots of health issues if you have a poor immune system or if you recently had a disease. Make sure to consult a doctor before making a decision like this and be careful, because having a healthy body is way more important than having a good looking one.

Another big issue which may concern you when starting the lemonade diet is the lack of proteins, which will be replaced with proteins from your muscles. This will cause a fast burning of the muscular tissue.

If you are ready to take all of these risks and you want to look good in a short time for your wedding or family reunion, the lemonade diet can help you a lot. You can consider this method of losing weight, like a bargain with the Devil.

2. Do 30 Minutes Cardiovascular Exercises Everyday

The rate of obese population seems to be ever increasing. It could be irregular food habits, lack of exercise, lack of awareness, certain medical conditions or a combination of all these reasons and more. If you have contributed to the growth of obese population by adding to its membership, you sure would have heard about cardio exercises and their role in weight loss reduction. However, it would be best to know how you can make your 30 minutes cardio exercise effective enough to lose fat.


Cardio Workout And Its Benefits

Any exercise that increases your heart rate and lung performance is cardio exercise. Some of the most common cardio exercises include walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming,aerobic workouts, cycling and many more.

Cardio exercises help to burn more calories. You sweat more and you lose more calories. The more intense your aim to lose fat is, higher can you go on the intensity level to burn calories fast. You can step up the speed or the frequency of cardio exercises to lose fat fast. Given below are some of the health benefits of cardio exercises.

  • Aids in reducing extra fat
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves your cholesterol levels by boosting good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Makes you energetic
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Controls blood sugar thus preventing diabetes type II

30 Minutes Cardio Exercise

The most attractive feature of 30 minutes cardio exercise is naturally the time mentioned in its very title. Spending just 30 minutes for your health is not asking too much, right? Given below are the cardio exercises, which you can work out in various combinations to obtain optimum benefits. Just remember, that it is best to keep changing the workout pattern to ensure that you don’t go tired of doing the same thing over and over again and also your muscles don’t get accustomed to the same type of exercises ending up in making the results come by at a slower pace.

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Skipping
  • Squats
  • Squat jumps
  • Staircase exercise
  • Forward lunge
  • Side lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Chest press
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Side plank
  • Aerobics
  • Kick boxing
  • Swimming

First timers who plan to bring their body back to shape can start doing cardio three times a week and may be 10 minutes a day depending on your physical fitness level. Increase the duration slowly until you reach the magic 30 minutes point and stick on to it. Increase the number of days as well and of course, you can have your day off in a week.

Make It Tough And Interesting

If you are keen to see yourself comfortable in the jeans and shirts you have outgrown, you may want to forget offering excuses and explanations and rather gear up to exercise for your health and fitness. You need to sweat it out if you want results. At the same time, make it interesting so that you don’t quit. Plan your workout session in advance. Take care to attack all muscle groups within the stipulated time but get creative and try out various combinations. Not only the exercises, but also the intensity, location and every change that can be effected to make your workout sessions fun and productive has to be attempted. If it is all indoor workouts one day, have a great out door session the next day. If you had jogged at your place one day, run or skate the next day breathing in fresh air. Variety is the secret and perseverance is the key to reach your goal in weight loss.

3. Liquid Diet Plan

Combating the regular calorie intake is the key to achieving a rapid and regular weight loss. That’s exactly what a liquid diet does. Usually, a liquid diet consists of non-solid food such as fresh fruit juice, soups or milk shake. Liquid diets serve two main purposes; they clean your internal system by detoxifying and also supports rapid weight loss. Further, liquid diets are recommended for those who suffer from medical conditions that prevent them from eating solid food; especially after surgeries.


Burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat

Experiments have found that in order to lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Liquid diets help weight loss because they are very low in calories. Since the intake of calories and fat is minimal or zero, when you are totally on a liquid diet, it would show a rapid weight loss. Further, liquid diets consisting of fresh fruits and vegetable juice rich in vitamins and minerals which is essential for your body, and also with cancer fighting nutrition.

Common misunderstanding about liquid diets

There’s a common misunderstanding about liquid diets. Most people think that liquid diets consist only of water, milk and soup. However, this is far from the truth. You can make liquid diets a very delightful, tasty option when you add some fresh fruit juices such as watermelon, pineapple, etc… If you fancy something more spicy and savory; you can also try chicken soup. Non-fat yoghurt and sugar free ice cream can also be a part of a liquid diet plan. Fat and sugar can help in increasing the calorie level in your body, which in turn will gain more weight. Therefore, the liquid diet to be effective for weight loss, you have to prevent from consuming fat and sugar. Further, note that smoothies are also a good option for liquid diets. Smoothies can be made of a wide variety of fruits, and there are many different receipts those you can try, so that your liquid diet may become more entertaining.

Risks of liquid diets

Liquid diets can help weight loss in the short run, however, it’s not a recommended method for weight loss due to several reasons:

  • As soon as you stop liquid diets and go back to normal diet, you will start gaining weight. So it’s only short term and not an effective means for weight loss.
  • Limiting to liquid diets can make you deficient of essential nutrition such as protein.

Due to these risks, a liquid diet should be undertaken upon medical supervision. There are several types of liquid diets which are medically supervised and produced commercially. Usually these diets consist of liquid diets followed by meal replacement products, so that they ensure while supporting rapid weight loss, you maintain the required nutrition levels in your body.

4. Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a low calorie diet for 7 days, which has several versions and all of them are pretty efficient ways of fast burning a big amount of your body fat.  During this period you will have to be prepared to consume big amounts of cabbage soup along with some specific foods.


How to lose weight fast with the cabbage soup diet!

You must be determined and have a strong will, because you will have to go all the way if you want to have the wished result. Here is a simple menu per days of the week which will help you have an efficient weight loss in a short time:

  • Day 1: Cabbage soup and fruits, except bananas.
  • Day 2: Soup and vegetables. Do not eat vegetables such as corn, peas and dry beans. At dinner, you can enjoy a potato baked in the oven, topped with a little butter. Do not touch any fruits in second day.
  • Day 3: Cabbage soup, fruits (except bananas) and vegetables.
  • Day 4: Cabbage soup, skim milk and willingness to 8 bananas.
  • Day 5: Cabbage soup, 300 and 500 grams of beef and up to six fresh tomatoes. July-August drink glasses of water in order to purify the body.
  • Day 6: Cabbage soup and beef and grilled chicken without skin or calf. Consume with vegetables at will.
  • Day 7: Cabbage soup and brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened fruit juice at will.

The benefits of this fast lose weight method

There will be no real feelings of hunger, because many foods are consumed at will during the diet period. Another benefit of the diet is a fast and easy way of detoxing your body and has a clean body. The cost of this diet is much reduced and it’s really easy to follow. Even if it’s simple enough for anyone to follow, you must be careful, this diet can offer you a fast weight loss, but it’s not recommended to be used multiple times, because of the lack of proteins that will affect your muscular tissue and it is not a good news for your health.

Weight loss tips after a diet

After you obtain a great weight loss very fast with the cabbage soup diet, then you have start work out and exercise daily. Morning jog is a great way to stay in shape and also you should be careful what you eat and when you eat. Try to give up all junk food; burgers and coke. These types of food items are going to ruin your diet, even if consumed in small quantities.

5. Take More Meals with Less Portion

When you want to lose some weight, there are three important pillars which should be paid attention to. These three pillars are nutrition, exercise, and rest. The key for losing weight is to create negative energy balance; which means that the calorie intake should be less than calorie expended. Therefore, you need to have adequate rest, controlled meal, and regular exercise.


Cutting down of meals

While most of people obediently exercise in regular manner and have adequate rest, there are still some who miss the meaning of having controlled meal. Most people would eat as minimum as they could, and ended up not having satisfactory weight loss at the end of the week. Well, there is an explanation for that. It is true that calorie intake should be reduced. The main question is how should you reduce your calorie intake?

Calorie Intake

Calorie intake is basically the energy that is provided by the food that you take. But what about the component of calorie expended? Most people would say exercise. That is also true, but exercise only contributes for 20-30% of total expended calorie. Around 70% of calorie which is acquired from eating food is used for the body to maintain various systems which are essential for the body to live; e.g. respiratory system, circulation system, etc. All of these systems require energy, and the amount of energy required in various systems is termed as basal metabolic rate (BMR). Actually, there is another component of expended calorie which is often forgotten; and that is thermic effect of food; which accounts for around 10% of total expended calorie.

Thermic effect of food

Thermic effect of food is the amount of energy which is required to digest and absorb the nutrient from the food. In other words, the energy that you need to eat! Therefore, along with reducing the amount of calorie from food, you should apply the strategy of eating often with small portion. A research study showed that this strategy can redeem hungriness and prevent overeating. This strategy can also enhance body metabolism; and there will be only small amount of excess energy to be converted into fat since you only eat a small portion at a time.

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