What are Fun Ways to Lose Weight?

Playing of Game Consoles

In our modern days, technology is helping us a lot and if we know what to choose, we can obtain efficient weight loss by playing video games. I am not talking about video games like World of Warcraft, because that type of MMORPG is promoting a sedentary lifestyle and increasing the rate of obesity for teen and young adults. There are game consoles which could really help you have a noticeable weight loss after a few weeks of playing them. Here are some of the consoles that could help you lose weight:


Wii Fit, a real gym in your living room.

Nintendo has certainly made ​​a good move by launching Wii Fit. The fitness program marketed with the Balance Board has indeed sold like hot cakes. So, this could be a smart acquisition for you and your family. Because it is user friendly, everyone could use it and it will help them burn some calories, lose some weight in a fun and fast way. So, if you are ready to engage in a new way of gaming, this console can be the start of a new way of spending your afternoons and Sundays. It is really fun and interactive so you will never get bored of it.

How to lose weight and enjoy time with your family?

The answer is simple: Wii Sports. This console will allow you to play fun video games with your family members and mostly against them. At the same time you will perform some physical activity and if your family is competitive enough, you will manage to enter them in a new way of losing weight. There are many sports that could be played on this console, such as tennis, baseball or Ping Pong.

For those who feel the music!

If you like to dance but you don’t have time to go out, you can lose weight and have fun on your favorite tracks right in your living room and in the same time play a nice and captivating video game. Dance revolution games are designed to be played by one, two or multiple players and it’s a fun and relaxing way of having a weight loss while having fun with your friends and family.

But do not think that these kinds of games will do more than helping you just a little bit. You will still have to go on with your diet and continue with your daily exercise program. This is more like a way of mixing the fun with your journey for a slimmer body.

Dance To Burn Fats


Everybody knows that regular exercise and controlled diet, as well as adequate time to sleep, are the keys to successfully lose weight. Aerobic exercise is the type of exercise which you might want to focus when you need to lose weight, as it can help you to burn more calories from your stored fat. There are several physical activities which can be categorized as aerobic exercise; and some of them are jogging, swimming, and cycling. This is also the reason of why you would often see those who would like to lose weight to run on treadmill instead of lifting some weight.

However, to just run on the treadmill or to simply cycle on static bike every single day might be boring; especially if you cannot swim. Then, you should try to find other physical activities. If you are a member of a gym, then there are wide selections of classes which you can take to have a variation in your aerobic exercise. It is a good idea actually to take a hip hop dance class!

Hip hop dance

Hip hop dance, which is becoming a trend nowadays, is actually a form of aerobic exercise; as it causes you to break a sweat and increases your heart rate, as well as is able to increase your endurance. High-impact dancing such as hip hop dancing can help you burn around 219 to 327 calories in an hour, although the exact amount of burned calories might vary based on your current weight and physical activity level. The best aerobic exercise is the type which has the intensity that still enables you to carry conversation but hinder you from singing properly. Hip hop dance is activity which can help you to lose weight indicating it as one type of aerobic exercises.

Other than to burn calories, hip hop dance can also help to increase your strength and help you to build strong and healthy bones, as well as to enhance your endurance. These combinations can increase your body capacity to handle long period of aerobic training. Therefore, hip hop class might be one of the best options as alternative aerobic exercises.

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