What are the Chia Seeds side effects?

The term Chia is originated from a Nahunta word chain which means ‘oily’. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins as well as dietary fiber. The amount of proteins is double in Chia seeds as compared to any other seeds or grains. The amount of antioxidants in Chia seeds is three times as compared to blueberries. Also the amount of iron is three times more than in spinach and the double amount of calcium content is present as compared to banana. The significance of Chia seeds is mainly attributed to the presence of good fats and also the content of essential fatty acids. These seeds are oval in shape and its diameter is around 1 mm. Chia seeds have a pleasant taste which is mild nutty.
In Mexico and in southwest United States, Chia seeds are used traditionally.
Chia seeds are also considered as a complete super food gifted by nature to the mankind.


What is Chia seeds used for?

Chia seeds are used for making nutritious drink as well as it is a good source of food.
It can be consumed in a raw form as well as it may be added as a topping to other foods and smoothies, in yogurt and oatmeal. Chia seeds may be used to make gelatin substances.
You can make Chia gel by making a mixture of (1 tablespoon) Chia to water (1 cup), This unique as well as nutritious gel can be added to juices, herbal teas, yogurt, soups, smoothies, breakfast shakes and salad dressing or sauces.
The best thing about Chia seeds is that its addition does not change the original flavor of the food and yet the user can enjoy its healthy benefits.
It can be used for improvement of health and one can easily consume Chia seeds in the daily diet. In short, the uses of Chia seeds are endless.

Common Chia seeds side effects

There are evidences that show the use of Chia seeds in the ancient times. There is no doubt about its benefits but there are some mild side effects too that its user can experience. The best part is that these side effects can be easily managed. There are two main categories of side effects i.e. the good side effects of Chia seeds and the bad side effects.
As Chia seeds are rich in fiber contents, a high intake can give rise to flatulence.
It also posses blood thinning quality so those who are on aspirin and other such medications must avoid the use of Chia seeds.
Allergic reactions may also be experienced by the users of Chia seeds and those who are allergic to mustard must also avoid using Chia seeds.
The quantity matters a lot when it comes to side effects of Chia seeds so keep it in control so that any side effects may not trigger.

Chia seeds side effects on children

Chia seeds are not full of harmful side effects but if its intake is continued for longer period of time or if it is taken in high amount then there are chances of harmful side effects.
In case of children, the safe dose is 1 tablespoon of soaked or ground Chia seeds daily for 3 weeks.
As there are chances of addiction as a side effect of Chia seeds so children must stay away from using Chia seeds. Addiction can be caused due to long term use of Chia seeds so avoid it.
Not many studies have been done on the side effects of Chia seeds on children. In fact, there are no serious side effects of Chia seeds on any age group.
As all the systems of children are fragile so it must not be used without consulting with your doctor.

Chia seeds effects on men

Chia seeds are used as a supplement by all age groups as it is considered as a complete super food. The side effects related to use of Chia seeds are not so many and not severe too. In fact, there are not so many side effects of Chia seeds. The only issue is that the high intake of Chia seeds can cause different health issues.
Like others men also experience common side effects of Chia seeds such as allergic reactions, diarrhea, watery eyes etc.
In men the use of Chia seeds can lead to prostate cancer. In other words, the risk of prostate cancer may be higher in the users of Chia seeds. Therefore, men should not increase the quantity of Chia seeds in their diet to avoid any such risks. For proper guidance of dose it is best to consult a doctor.

Chia seeds side effects on women

As we have discussed earlier, there are two categories of side effects in case of Chia seeds, the good and the bad side effects. Therefore, when it comes to its effects on women you will notice that most are good side effects.
Women can slim down with the use of Chia seeds. Moreover, it can be used for lowering the blood pressure.
The negative part of using chai seeds is that it can cause addiction if it is used for longer period of time. According to some studies its use can reduce the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancers.
If you are considering taking Chia seeds for losing weight then do discuss its side effects with your doctor in order to avoid any problem in future. Dosage of Chia seeds is dependent on your doctor’s instructions as any unnecessary increase in intake may give rise to unwanted side effects.

Chia seeds side effects on pregnant women

In pregnant mothers, use of Chia seeds is not at all encouraged as it can have harmful effect on the mother and the unborn as well.
As long term use of Chia seeds can cause addiction so its use must be avoided.
Use of Chia seeds in pregnant women can give rise to intestinal bloating as well as gas so avoiding its use is the best option that a mother-to-be must choose.
There is not much research work done related to the side effects of Chia seeds in pregnant women so it is best to avoid its use during pregnancy.
Before you plan to take any supplement, you should always study its side effects, especially when you are pregnant.
In case of lactating mothers, the use of Chia seeds is not recommended as the medical health care practitioners are not certain about its side effects on them.

Chia seeds side effects on elderly

In case of older people, if Chia seeds are used in high amount then this can lower their blood pressure.
Diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and addiction are some side effects. In some individuals allergies may appear due to consumption of Chia seeds.
For older people the use of Chia seeds can actually improve the cardiovascular system. Also the level of cholesterol can be controlled with its use as it has blood thinning property.
The perfect and safe dose for elderly may include 2 tablespoons of soaked or ground Chia seeds daily for 3 weeks.
In case of any severe side effects always seek immediate help from the doctor.
Never take any supplement without consulting your health care practitioner in order to avoid any severe side effects. Also discuss about the appropriate dosage as it plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing the risk of side effects.

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