What are the Exercises to Lose Weight?

Do Aerobics

If you are thinking of a fast weight loss program, you should know that a diet is not the only thing that must be followed. Exercise is a very important thing that you should consider when you want to lose weight and it should be done properly and constantly. If you are not serious about it the results will not come very quick and you will rather lose time than weight. No one said that losing weight is a fun or easy thing to do, but the fact that you will manage to get a healthier and better looking body as a great reward.


How does aerobics help you lose weight?

The principle of an aerobics program for a fast weight loss is to burn calories, so you will have to consume less calories than you burn. Here is the link between the two important parts of your weight loss mission: diet and exercise. The ‘aerobic’ term refers to those sorts of exercises that are done without depriving your muscles of oxygen, like heavy weight lifting or long distance runs does and it’s perfect for people who have respiratory or cardiovascular conditions. Usually you can follow an aerobics class at the local gym and it will be a really fun thing to do, due to the fact that music is an important part of an aerobic course. It resembles a dance rather than a workout and it will help you lose weight or maintain a slim body, without sweating a lot.

Water aerobic

Aerobics dance routine is not the only one that must be considered. Maybe at your local public pool there are water aerobics classes, so if you enjoy swimming then you will definitely enjoy being in the pool while working on your weight loss program. Even if it sounds like fun, water aerobics classes are not only about splashing around some water and having a good time in the pool. You have to be focused and do your best if you really want this to work and when the results will start to show up, you will be amazed. Even if the water aerobics classes are held in water, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to hydrate your body. A good hydration is an important part of your daily exercise routine.

Alternative aerobics

Other activities that assemble aerobics classes are hiking, riding the bike or long walks in the park. If you are ready to take a couple of hours from your busy day and respect an aerobic program for weight loss besides the diet and other weight loss methods, you will be extremely happy with the results.

Do Mixed Martial Arts

Martial arts in their truest sense have not been understood by many who consider it has a form of fight to attack enemies. Well, martial arts do help to overpower enemies but that is not the essence. Any martial art is a form of self-defense. However, the concept of martial arts is to elevate the quality of your life by making you physically and mentally fit through out your life. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport in which you employ a wide range of fighting techniques including jujitsu, kickboxing, judo, wrestling, boxing and many other martial art forms. Every martial art has its own unique advantages. Hence, learning mixed martial arts will make you stronger, tougher and healthier. You may also love the fact that MMA will help in weight reduction.


Why Is Mixed Martial Art Important?

Mixed martial arts play a great role in molding your character as it does in shaping you up, physically. The main concepts of MMA include:

Self Discipline: Self-discipline is the most important trait that helps you to achieve success in all areas of life. Be it in studies or your work or in relationship, being self-disciplined marks you over the rest. Martial arts teach you the skill of self-discipline and you will soon find that it becomes your second nature.

Confidence: MMA builds your confidence. Since you practice a wide range of martial arts, you will have the confidence to face any tough opponent while on a competition. The confidence you have gained will help you off the fence as well.

Balance: Practicing martial arts improves your physical, mental and emotional balance. Right from physical injury to mental stress, the adverse effects of being imbalanced are many. With regular practice of martial arts, you improve your physical balance, acquire the skill to handle your emotions perfectly well and develop the art of positive thinking.

Focus: Practicing MMA improves your focus level. Whatever you do, you will find yourself focused at the task and needless to say that the result would be outstanding.

Other benefits include acquiring quick reflexes, strong muscles, cardiovascular health and of course weight loss.

Mixed Martial Arts For Effective Weight Loss

Mixed martial art is a combination of various martial art forms and hence you get the best of everything. A typical practice session strengthens your muscles, improves your endurance, burns fat, increases your power, flexibility and agility. These exercises will aid in burning many calories not only during the workout sessions but even after your practice. Your body is tuned and the practice stimulates the performance of your organs and aid in maintaining a perfect weight.

Mixed martial arts require you to cut down your weight while you participate in a competition. Since there is a need to demonstrate one’s weight before a competition, MMA artists reduce weight by restricting fluid intake. This, however, is not the suggested weight loss method for you if you were keen to practice MMA for weight loss.

Mind Your Diet

Though the rigorous sessions of mixed martial arts practice will help in weight loss, returning to your table to indulge in high calorie foods may not help with your aim. Ensure you have a healthy diet plan that supplements your MMA practice to keep you fit and in great shape.

Heavy weight lifting

Okay, we don’t want to turn you into a heavy weight champion, but here’s a good tip to lose extra pounds in your body – which makes you distressed and disappointed every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Get used to lifting heavy weights there and then, and it can help you lose weight significantly. Keep on reading to find out how.


Heavy weight lifting is the key to weight loss. Why?

To understand why, we need to see how we lose weight. Metabolism in your body needs to increase in order to lose weight. Body muscles play a huge role in increasing metabolism. It is found that 1 pound of muscles can burn around 60 calories per day, whereas 1 pound of fat burns only 5 calories. Therefore, when the tissues in your body muscles grow, it helps in burning down more calories throughout the day. That’s what weight lifting does.

Benefits of weight lifting

  • Heavy weight lifting strengthens your bones and connecting muscle tissues.
  • Increase metabolism which helps in burning more calories, even when you are at rest.
  • Building body muscles, which take lesser space than fat does, therefore you would look slim and lean with a perfect figure.

A research done at the University of Alabama has shown that people who lift heavy weights lose weight as same as those who do cardiac exercises only. So what’s the big deal? The difference is that weight lifters lose extra fat while the others lose a lot of muscles and some fat. Losing muscles is not good for your health.

How to practice weight lifting?

As good as weight lifting could be, it should be done with proper training. Otherwise it may give negative results.

Lifting as much weight as you can within a defined number of repetitions is the goal of weight lifting. It’s best for the beginners to start with a small goal and gradually increase it. Following is a guide for the beginners to following when starting their training:

  • Chose a weight you think you can lift 16 times.
  • Start with one set of each exercise and gradually increase to 2-3 sets.
  • After a couple of weeks, add more weight.
  • Repeat the process by adding a repetition progressively, until the maximums reps are reached.

One important thing you should learn is that your muscles grow and you lose weight, when you lift more weight than what your muscles can. By being consistent and have started with a good basic program, you can guarantee a good weight loss.

Swim Regularly

One of the best ways to slim is to swim. You need not have a passion for swimming but if you have a strong desire to shed extra fat, you may start looking for a public swimming pool in your area. Swimming is a great exercise and once you start enjoying the health benefits of swimming, you are sure to be as passionate about swimming as you are about weight loss.

There are two different views though, about the effect of swimming in weight loss. While some say that swimming may not make you slim, some researches point out that swimming helps with weight loss. The type of strokes you do, speed, the duration and the food that you eat after your session are also to be taken into account. Let us see how swimming can make you lose weight.


Burns Calories

An hour of swimming can make you lose around 700 calories. However, the amount of calories may vary based on the stroke style and your weight. You need to do the style of stroke that is productive for weight loss and of course club it with appropriate diet. Freestyle, also known as the standard stroke, is considered the best stroke for burning calories.

Offers Resistance Training

Swimming gives you resistance training. Since resistance training increases metabolic rate, your muscles will burn more calories. This makes weight loss mission possible.

Workout For Cardiovascular System

Swimming involves various muscles in your body. This necessitates the lungs and heart to work harder and supply oxygen to all these muscles. The lungs and heart get stronger in the process thus making you work longer than before. Thus, it helps with weight loss.

Strokes Effective For Weight Loss

Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly are the major strokes that help you to lose weight. You can try all these strokes or stick on to a particular style that is effective in reducing fat in the area you want to address.

Do Pool Running

Pool running helps to burn around 600 calories per hour. If you wear a resistance belt and do pool swimming, the impact would be even better since both the belt and water would offer resistance.

Increased Duration

If you want to lose weight, you need to swim for longer time. Do a few dynamic stretches like arm swings, lunges, spine rotations and deep-knee bends. Extended session increases the amount of calories burnt thereby aiding in weight loss.

Water Aerobics

Including water aerobics in your schedule will help to lose weight. The pool you choose for doing water aerobics should have a shallow end. Perform aerobics in water for around one hour.

Interval Training

Interval training keeps your metabolism up for a long time after your session. Start at a low speed for around two minutes and go faster for the next two. Once you are done, do a cool down lap for five minutes.

Make Swimming Your Routine

If your intention is to lose weight, you need to make swimming your routine and not a weekend hobby. Just like any other exercise, you need to practice swimming regularly for better weight loss results. Conscious efforts play a great role in weight loss. Be consistent, swim against all odds without excuses and you will have a magnificent weight loss success story to tell the world.

Cycle Often to Burn Calories

Cycling is one of the best exercises to reduce weight. If you are obsessed by your overweight, may be, you should shift your obsession to cycling. Cycling works on all muscle groups and makes you stronger and slimmer. Here is how you can lose weight by riding cycle.


How Cycling Makes You Lose Weight

Since cycling uses your hip muscles, hamstrings, quads and glutes, your muscles are well toned. Apart from this, cycling builds lean muscle tissue and all these aid in increasing fat-burning ability.

Cycling helps to burn more calories and thereby aids in weight loss. Cycling for an hour burns over 600 calories. To achieve this, you need not even speed up. Compare this with jogging for an hour and losing around 400 calories and you may want to head for the nearby cycle store.

When you go for longer rides, cycling can lead you to deliver more blood to your muscles at work. Mitochondria in muscle cells get bigger and they use the increased oxygen supply for energy production and burning more fat.

How To Make Cycling Effective 

Since your goal is to lose weight through cycling, you need to do it regularly. Here are some suggestions to keep you going.

Ride Everyday: If you are keen to lose weight, you may not want to find excuses for not riding on a particular day. Make cycling your routine. Once you set your mind to it, you will be out on your cycle on the dot everyday, rainy or sunny. Stick on to a particular time and go cycling for an hour so that you will soon find yourself being accustomed to being up and away everyday.

Never Skip Your Breakfast: Having your breakfast before riding is essential to lose weight. If you starve your body, you will not have the fuel you need to ride for a longer duration. Moreover, if you go without breakfast, your metabolic process gets a false alarm as it assumes that there may not be more coming its way. Hence, it would hold dear for later use and what it holds is the one you want to shed – fat, of course.

Road To Weight Loss May Not Be Smooth: More than cycling on a smooth road, if you ride off the smooth road, you will burn more calories. Go off the road, make it tough, interesting and rewarding.

Interval Training Helps: Interval training helps to lose more fat. Apply it to your cycling and you will find that results come by sooner. After warming up by riding for around 5 minutes, do hard pedaling for one minute and follow it up with easy riding for two minutes. Continue this way until you near the end of your session after which go on an easy ride for about 10 minutes to help recover.

Form A Group: To stay motivated, you may form a group of like-minded or may be ‘like-goal-minded’ people who are keen to shed the flab. This makes your cycling a firm commitment. You will be tempted to drive for longer hours.

Have a well-balanced diet to go with your cycling routine. By doubling the efforts of cycling with your diet, your weight loss goals will no longer be a distant dream.

Do Yoga Exercises

While attempting to lose weight, many people will focus on endurance training such as jogging, cycling, or swimming to burn their stored fat. Actually, there are also some alternative options if you are getting tired to run on the treadmill over and over. You can try yoga! There are several types of yoga which can help you to lose weight significantly.


Vigorous yoga practice

The type of yoga which can help you to burn your stored fat is vigorous yoga practice which can increase your heart rate. Several types of yoga such as Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Power and Bikram yoga require high amount of physical output; meaning you need a lot of calories to be burned when performing this type of yoga.

Mild yoga practice

Mild yoga practice is the type of yoga which has restorative nature and significantly reduces stress. Stress can cause an individual to overeat, leading to weight gain as the consequence. Therefore, the type of mild yoga practice is considered to prevent weigh gain. To do these types of yoga, you can start with simple corpse pose (savasana). While lying on your back, relax your arms and your legs naturally, and focus on breath. Maintain the posture for a minimum of five minutes period.

Awareness and yogic eating

While doing yoga, you also need to increase your awareness. With increasing sense of awareness, you will notice slight change in body weight. Therefore, you could act on it immediately. Yoga also trains you to slow your pace down and focus on what you do. The problem with those who are overweight is often related to how they eat. Eating with high pace will give body less chance to perceive the “full” signal, causing you to eat more than what is needed. Yoga can help you bring the awareness of eating when you consume your food; by sitting down to eat, chewing slowly, and eating wholesome foods. This is actually an important thing to be considered, and you could make a great change if you apply the awareness in eating in your diet regime.

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