What are the Losartan side effects?

Losartan is a drug available in the market under the trade name Cozaar. It is actually included in the class of an angiotension receptor II antagonist drug. Losartan works in such a way that it blocks the action of such natural substances that may result in tightening of the blood vessels. As a result of this, blood can flow smoothly and the heart also works in an efficient manner. It is used for treating the issue of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Every medication has a particular storage requirement. Store loasartan in the container it came in and close the container tightly. Keep it at room temperature and away from excessive light or heat. Never use expired medication and always dispose it properly.

Losartan tablets are available in preparations of 25, 50 and 100 mg. The dosage is prescribed according to the age, and medical condition of the patient.


What is Losartan used for?

Every medication is designed for a special purpose and so Losartan also has a special purpose.

Losartan is also good for treating different disorders. There are two main uses of Losartan, that is, to treat hypertension and to decrease the risk of facing strokes by people who have problem of hypertension of high blood pressure or left ventricular hypertrophy (enlargement of the left side of the walls of the heart). Sometimes, Losartan is prescribed in combination with other medication otherwise it is used alone. In patients who have type II diabetes, the occuring risk of kidney diseases can be reduced as well.

Losartan is not prescribed to children below 6 years. Even in case of patients who have congestive heart failure the rate of survival increases with Losartan. If the dose of Losartan is higher then the drop in the blood pressure also increases significantly.

Common Losartan side effects

There are some common side effects associated with the usage of Losartan such as heartburn, weakness of muscles and cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, pain in the leg or back and decreased sensitivity to touch. Some of these side effects may be mild while in other cases it can be severe as well.

Some severe side effects may also occur as a result of using Losartan like hoarseness, difficulty swallowing or breathing, pain in the chest and swelling in the hands, lower leg, tongue, face, lips, throat, ankles, feet, eyes etc.

Losartan user may also feel fatigue as a side effect of this drug.

As a result of overdose some serious side effects can be experienced by the user such as heartbeat can become slow or fast, the person may get faint as well as can feel dizzy.

Mostly these common side effects appear when the patients start this drug and these side effects disappear after some time.

Losartan side effects on children

Keep Losartan out of reach of children.

If you child has an allergy to Losartan or to any ingredient of Losartan then discuss this with doctor before starting Losartan.

A child may feel dizzy due to Losartan so always have your child get up slowly for some time when sitting or lying. Your child must climb the stairs slowly as well when he is on Losartan.

Your child may feel weak, lightheaded as well as numbness and tingling sensation due to high level of potassium.

Cough is also a side effect that a child can experience if he is taking Losartan. In case if a child is suffering from kidney problem then the problem can aggravate with Losartan.

In case of any serious side effects immediately take him or her to the doctor. These serious side effects may include fever, wheezing, chest tightness, swelling on lips, face and bad cough.

Losartan side effects on men

Different drugs have different side effects on men and women. In men use of Losartan has now show any significant change in the sexual function. In fact, the use of Losartan improves the erectile function in men as well as the sexual activity improves too. Basically, when high blood pressure disturbs the sexual functioning, the use of Losartan can improve this condition.

Other wise effects of Losartan on men are similar to the common side effects that can occur in any other individuals. Some serious side effects that may occur include difficulty in swallowing, dark urine, chest pain, muscle cramp and pain, bruising or bleeding, severe jaundice etc.

Always notify your doctor when you experience any other medical issue like renal dysfunction etc before starting Losartan. Losartan is generally considered as a well tolerated drug but using it with the doctor’s advice is the best thing.

Losartan side effects on women

Woman of any age can safely use Losartan for treating high blood pressure and other medial issues that we have mentioned above but there are some side effects that cannot be ignored. It must not be given to children less than 6 years old. Some most common side effects in women include insomnia, nasal congestion, diarrhea cramps in muscles as well as dizziness. Some mild side effects of Losartan that disappear soon and can be managed easily include cold & flu, fatigue, dry cough, headache, fever and stomach pain. Doctors prescribe medicine to overcome the problem so the patient must try to tolerate these mild side effects. Expecting mothers and nursing mothers are not recommended to use Losartan due to its harmful side effects to the mother and fetus. Also, if the woman has any other medical issues then it is better to use Losartan with doctor’s advice.

Losartan side effects on pregnant women

In case of pregnant women, the use of Losartan should be done with special care. If Losartan is used in the second and the third trimester of pregnancy then the affect of the drug is acted directly on the rennin-angiotensin system which can be harmful to the developing fetus. This can sometimes cause injury or death of fetus. This shows that women must not continue the use of Losartan potassium tablets when their pregnancy is detected or confirmed. Even the lactating mothers or the ones who are breast feeding should not use this medication without consulting their doctor. Nursing mothers can opt for any other drug instead of using Losartan. In this way, any complication or harm can be prevented. In short, all the researches show that the use of Losartan in pregnant women can cause impairment of the unborn baby and sometimes it can also lead to death.

Losartan side effects on elderly

No matter what the age of a patient is, it is always best to know about the side effects associated with a drug before starting any it. The details of these side effects can either be discussed with the doctor otherwise, there are many websites that offer complete information about it.

In seniors or older people, the dose of Losartan must be started with the lower one. As per different studies conducted to see the side effects the frequency of adverse events was more in elderly as compared to the non-elderly individuals. Elderly patients must follow the instruction of doctor regarding the dosage in order to avoid any complication. In case of any serious side effect the patient must be taken to ER so that he or she can be saved from any major health issue. In some medicines, a leaflet is included in which information about expected side effects as well as precautions and dosage are mentioned.

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