What are the Lupron side effects?

Lupron (leuprolide) is a hormone which controls several processes in the body. This drug over stimulates the body’s own production of particular hormones, that causes the production to temporarily shut down. Lupron lowers the quantity of estrogen in women or testosterone in men. In men Lupron is used to cure the symptoms of prostate cancer. It does not treat the cancer itself only the symptoms. In order to treat your condition you can use any other medications. Before you will be able to use Lupron, inform your doctor if you have migraines, epilepsy, kidney disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, blood in the urine, bone cancer affecting your spine, and asthma.

Inform your physician if there is a family member or personal experience of osteoporosis, or in case you there is a possibility of bone loss like alcohol use, long term seizure medications, smoking, alcohol use. Extended use of Lupron may decrease bone density, which might lead to osteoporosis.

This medication is also intended for children who experience early or precocious puberty (puberty before age 9 in boys and before age 8 in girls) are most of the time prescribed with Lupron to suppress the release of hormone until they reach the actual age of puberty. The ratio of children taking Lupron is around 10,000 children and take place most of the time in girls as compared to boys. Just like any other drug given to growing children may have serious side effects.


What is Lupron Used For?

Leuprolide (Lupron) is used to control early puberty in children. It aids in delaying sexual development and the beginning of menstrual periods. It likewise helps control early bone growth in order to increase the possibility of attaining the normal adult height. This drug works by lowering the amount of sex hormones which a child’s body produces. This drug is administered by injection in the muscle by the health care expert as instructed by your doctor, normally every 3 months. This item slowly releases the drug in the blood in three month period.

In children, the dosage will depend on the the weight and the child’s response to medication. The physician must consider discontinuing the medication before the age of eleven for girls and for boys the age of twelve. Ask your doctor for more information. If in case you are instructed to use this medication at home, know how to prepare and instruction on how to use the product package. Learn how to discard and store needles as well as medical supplies appropriately. If in case the details is not clear, ask your pharmacist or doctor about it.

Common Lupron Side Effects?

Just like any other medicines Lupron has side effects. Some of the most popular side effects include night sweats and hot flashes, and less common syncope, tachycardia and palpitations. Other side effects are headaches, nausea/vomiting, hirsustism, depression, weight gain, acne, loss of sexual desire, nervousness, joint pain, dizziness, and breast changes like pain and tenderness. No deaths are reported related to the use of Lupron.

Among the side effects of Lupron, hot flashes is the most common side effect. Particularly, during the clinical trials, around 58.5% of participants using this medication reported having hot flashes. You need to contact your physician if this adverse reaction continues or worsens. Another common side effect of this medication is electrocardiogram changes, which actually represent ischemia. This side effect was experienced by 19% of clinical trial participants who are under the medication of Lupron. Other related situations may occur like high blood pressure, which is another reaction to this drug.

Lupron Side Effects on Children?

Children under Lupron medication may experience body aches. This may affect around 1% of children who are taking Lupron, which include nervousness, weight gain, headache, fever, body odor and fainting. Other serious allergic reactions are hives, shortness of breath, swelling of the face and the patient may faint. The child’s growth process might be affected since Lupron decreases the bone density. In order to reduce bone loss calcium supplements is given.

One of the rare kind of side effects that may occur is pituitary apoplexy which normally results in the sudden cell death, most of the time resulted in hemorrhage in the pituitary. This condition needs medical attention at once. You also might experience sudden headache, vomiting, a change in mental status, possible cardiac collapse and changes in vision.

Lupron Side Effects on Men?

Prostate pain can be experience by men taking Lupron. There are some who might notice that their sex organs shrink to a size not normal for the child’s age. Abnormal breast growth or gynecomastia may be experienced. Hot flashes is common both for men and women. It is a feeling of warmth in the chest, neck and face, most of the time with sweating. Lupron occur because of decreased testosterone and the reaction by the brain’s thermal control center. As reported by experts around 80% of men who have taken hormone deprivation treatment like Lupron. Replacing these hormones has not been successful in curing men with hot flashes due to its potential severe side effect. Both anti-seizure and antidepressant drugs have been utilized successfully in treating hot flashes in men.

Lupron can also cause erectile dysfunction or commonly known as impotence or inability attain or sustain an erection. This might occur because it slows down the production of testosterone and may affect the hormonal balance of men. Another potential side effect of Lupron is that it reduces sexual desire. Other men may experience impotence and benefit from the use of sildenafil. If you are taking Lupron, talk to your doctor regarding effectiveness and safety of any medications, devices or therapies used to help attain erection.

Lupron Side Effects on Women?

Lupron’s most common side effects on women is vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding. After several weeks of treatments, women may experience hot flashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness. Breasts may not grow any longer or decrease in size. The rarely cervical disorder may occur.

Lots of women may experience the side effects up to the last dose even if the doctor and the manufacturer mentioned that the side effects will be gone within three to six months. Some of the side effects that Lupron user might experience are memory loss, hypotension, tachycardia, Vitamin D deficiency, osteoarthritis, hematura, depression, dizziness, insomnia, constant gnawing bone/joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, blood disorders, ostopenia, Fibromyalgia and several others including death and yet another study have been completed.

Lupron Side Effects on Pregnant Women?

The U.S. FDA makes use of the category system to classify the probable risks to the infant if the particular medicine is taken during pregnancy. Lupron has given a pregnancy category X, which means that it cause problems to the fetus in human or animal studies. With this category, the possible risks is much higher than the possible benefits.

There is no enough study done in pregnant women. But, the study is carried out in animals. The result in these animals increased the risk for birth defects, which includes concern regarding the development of the spine, when administered to pregnant rabbits. It causes miscarriage and lowered fetal body weight if given in higher doses to pregnant rabbits and rats.

Also Lupron lowers the production of estrogen. This hormone is essential for a healthy pregnancy. It supports the uterine growth and aid in keeping the lining of the uterus in pregnant women. Because of this it will lead to miscarriage.

Lupron Side Effects on Elderly?

Lupron most common side effects are loss of sex drive, weight gain, hot flashes, and erectile dysfunction, but most of the time reversible after completing the treatment. Hormone therapy may likewise raise your risk for metabolic syndrome – high blood glucose, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, abdominal obesity and good cholesterol which makes you more likely to result in heart disease, stroke and diabetes. To make sure these factors are kept on hand, work with your physician.

There are some individuals who might not experience serious side effects. At the first weeks of treatment, the hormone levels will increase before it decrease. This the normal reaction of the body to this medication. This could result in a temporary increase in elderly’s symptoms for several weeks. In man, there is an increase in testosterone levels at the start of the treatment which may result in worsening of the symptoms. In elderly’s with prostate cancer which has scattered to the spine or resulted in urinary blockage, a close monitoring should be carried out by your physician particularly when you start the medication.

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