What are the Sensa side effects?

Sensa is a gift for those who want to lose weight. Most commonly Sensa is referred to as The Sprinkle Diet. Actually Sensa is not a diet but it can be included in a diet for losing weight.
It was created by a neurologist, Dr. Alan Hirsch. He conducted a six month study which in which the result of weight loss was around 15 percent of the average weight of their body.

Sensa is available in number of scents and flavors and the purpose is to trigger satiety in its user.

The best thing about sense is that it is free from sodium, sugar, gluten and calorie. It is also free from drug, stimulant or mono-sodium glutamate.

Some main ingredients of Sensa are corn-derived meltodextrin, artificial flavoring, tricalcium, silica, phosphate, yellow colouring, milk, soy and carmine.

If the user is allergic to any of these ingredients then he must avoid its use otherwise he may experience serious side effects.


What is Sensa used for?

Sensa is a product which is used for weight loss. This product is scent based which means it delivers a special kind of aroma which helps in reducing appetite. In order to use it you need to sprinkle it on your food. You can wear Aroma Patch on your wrist, hand or chest. Before meals you can inhale SlimScents.

Obesity and weight gain not only leads to physical health issues but it also has negative impact on the mental condition of the individual. Those who want to lose weight without exercise then Sensa is a great product for such individuals.

common Sensa side effects

Some most common side effects associated with Sensa include feeling of bloating. Some people keep on eating even when their body sends the signal of fullness and so this results in upset stomach. Vomiting, diarrhea and hives are also some common side effects associated with the use of Sensa. Loose bowel movement as well as gas is also experienced in some users of Sensa. There is a misconception that Sensa is designed in such a way that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth so that the user avoid overeating.
Some individuals also report difficult in breathing after using Sensa.
Some users of Sensa also complained rectal bleeding, constipation, severe pain in kidneys, gall bladder attack, intestinal blockage as well as dry mouth.
If the intensity of these side effects becomes severe then the best thing is to contact the doctor immediately for assistance. Always discuss with your doctor before taking any new medication or product.

Sensa side effects on children

Obesity and weight gain in children is becoming common these days as the diet pattern in children have changed. They prefer fast food items in diet which causes problems like obesity and weigh gain. Sensa is a supplement diet which is used for losing weight and it is actually considered as a side effect free product.

Now let’s talk about the Sensa side effects on children which are actually rare because the most ingredients present in this product are also included in baby food. There are some mild side effects in children such as stomach upset, headache, rashes, vomiting, hives etc.
The reason why there are no such side effects in Sensa is that it is a natural product.
There is no research or study available regarding the side effects of Sensa on children so it is best to discuss with a pediatrician to know whether it is safe to use for children.

Sensa side effects on men

Even for men the use of Sensa is safe as there are no intense side effects reported. Usually the side effects of Sensa occur when the user take Sensa with any other medication or any vitamin. Taking large quantity of Sensa can also be a cause of side effects. Most ingredients used in Sensa are approved by FDA.

If there are any side effects of Sensa then they are mostly mild such as allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting etc.

If you take any other supplements or medication then discuss it with your doctor so that he can guide whether use of Sensa is safe in your case or not. Sometimes the interaction of a product with any medication may also result in side effects.

Sensa is used for suppressing diet and it is sprinkled on the food so the intake is usually less that’s why it is not so harmful.

Sensa side effects on women

Women use different ways to control weight or to get rid of obesity. Sensa is a good option for such women who want to shed some extra pounds. Most women don’t want to consider weight loss products due to the fear of side effects but with Sensa they can feel free from such fears as there are hardly any severe side effects.

If there are any side effects with the use of Sensa then these are almost ssame as men. Those women who are allergic to any of the ingredients of Sensa must avoid its use and look for other alternate as they can experience allergic reactions like rash, hives swelling etc. Stomach upset, vomiting and nausea are some other side effects that women may feel after using Sensa for weight loss. As the ingredients used in this products are approved by FDA so it is generally considered safe. If the user feel dizzy after using it or if she feels difficulty in breathing and dizziness.

Sensa side effects on pregnant women

Every woman wants to lose weight and look smart. During pregnancy the weight gain is natural but if for an already obese woman the problem can become a serious emotional as well as physical issue. Due to this they look for different weight losing options.

The major concern in pregnant women regarding use of Sensa is that whether it is safe to use during pregnancy or there are any associated side effects. Actually this product includes all natural ingredients that we use in everyday life and the product has been tested on more than 1400 participants which show that it is a safe product. However, a pregnant women must use it with care and must consult with the gynecologist before using it in order to avoid any complication to unborn baby and to her on own health. Even nursing mothers must also discuss it with their doctor before they plan to start using Sensa.

Sensa side effects on elderly

For obese elderly individuals Sensa can be really helpful as it does not have too many side effects.
You may hear about different controversies related to this product but the fact is that this product is offered with a 60-day guarantee so you can test easily. Its amazing results and the fewer side effects has made it a popular product for weight loss.

Bedridden elderly patients who are obese can also take Sensa after consulting with their doctor so that they can keep their weight in control. For bedridden patients it is not easy to move, exercise, or walk so The Sprinkled Diet, Sensa is a great option for them. If the patient is allergic to any ingredient of this product then avoid its use.

Some mild side effects that may appear include allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, vomiting etc. In case of any severe side effects immediately see a doctor.

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