What are the Tetanus Shot side effects?

A Tetanus Shot is a vaccine administered to avoid tetanus, a serious condition that might endanger your life. Tetanus is also known as lockjaw, is caused by the C. tetani or Clostridium tetani. Normally this type of bacterium is found in animal waste and dirt products. It poisons the nervous system, which causes severe spasms and pain.  The bacterium penetrates the body in an open wound or puncture wound. To prevent its dangerous effect a Tetanus Shot is given. The vaccine may come in a variety of mixes with Pertussis and Diphtheria and as tetanus toxoid. Normally, these vaccines are given and administered by healthcare experts at various ages of baby’s development until adult, when booster shots are suggested every ten years. Those experiencing a rupture wound or you have a wound bared to soil will be administered a booster shot if in case the last Tetanus Shot get less than 5 years ago.


What is Tetanus Shot used for?

Tetanus Shot is given to provide immunity against lock jaw in children seven years or older and in adults. The best way to get protected against this life-threatening condition is vaccination. These vaccines work by making the body to produce its antibodies. Tetanus vaccine is usually given to infants with two other vaccines for whooping cough and diphtheria in 3 doses. This vaccine is normally used as a booster vaccine once the first series is completed. Cautiously follow the schedule of vaccination given by the doctor. If in case the last tetanus vaccine was given 5-10 years ago, you will need a booster injections at the time of injury in older children and adults. Even if there is no injury, a booster injection should be administered every ten years. Before receiving the shot of the vaccine, it is best if you read the Vaccine Information Statement which will be given by your health care provider. This can be administered by injection in the muscle by a health care expert, most of the time in the upper thigh or upper arm.

Common Tetanus Shot Side Effects?

Just like other vaccine, this one is susceptible to side effects. Actually, some minor side effects can be experienced by most individuals getting the shot. But, most of these side effects are not dangerous and will be gone after a few days. In very rare cases there can be serious reactions to the vaccine which could be life threatening. But, this does not occur most of the time so the danger of being infected outweighs the danger of having the shot.

General pain at the site of the injection is the most common side effect. This side effect is encountered by most patients taking the shot but is not a dangerous one. The pain is noticeable, however it can be managed and will be gone after a few days. Aside from the pain the patients might be able to feel numbness in the arm shortly after taking the shot. There are some cases in which the area where the shot was given feels hard like a marble. Normally, these symptoms are treated using painkillers. Some of the mild side effects are headaches, redness, low grade fevers, nausea, vomiting, swelling and mild body chills. Although, these symptoms are not as common compared to general pain, but they do occur with a regular frequency.

Tetanus Shot Side Effects on Children?

Most people get a Tetanus Shot, the majority of them is complaining about pain in the part of the injection site. This side effect can be experienced by most individuals taking the shots including children. The most common side effects in children is fever. In some cases children may experience muscle ache. You will need to talk to your health care expert, if the pain continues for more than a couple of days. Numbness on the part where the shot was given, is yet another side effect. After minutes of taking the shot, some children might experience numbness. Also, most individuals taking the shots will complain of a hard round mass in the area of injection. The pain normally radiates to the shoulders, neck and arms. Fatigue and headache are also some of the common side effects that children may experience after taking the shots. Unless these symptoms last longer, there is no need for you to worry since it may wear off on its own.

Tetanus Shot Side Effects on Men?

Just like others men may experience the same side effects of Tetanus Shot. Some of these side effects include swelling, redness and pain at the site of the injection. The pain is very disturbing that it will affect your daily activities and might be relieved with the use of over the counter drugs such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These effects may lasts after a few days. The shot may also upset the digestive system. This may lead to stomach pain, nausea, indigestion and diarrhea. Most of the side effects from the Tetanus Shot is the outcome of the triggering of the immune system in response to the vaccine. Most men may experience mild fever, fatigued, muscle aches or experience general body. There are some who might experience swollen lymph nodes, sore joints and chills. The pain may last longer and if it persist or worsen it is best to contact your doctor right away.

Tetanus Shot Side Effects on Women?

Women may experience the same side effects that most men and children may encounter. The most common side effects are headache, vomiting, feeling tired, chills due to fever and nausea. Numbness at the site of injection and pain as well as soreness are also some of the common side effects. Some people may report of pain that radiates in the neck or shoulder area. The effects of Tetanus Shot normally occur within 48 hours after the dose is injected. The side effects may last longer than 5 days and should be considered dangerous for your health and must inform your doctor right away. Some rare effects to human include stomach pain, diarrhea and crankiness. Women may get these signs but could be so cranky. Some of the rare side effects may appear within 30 minutes after the dose was administered. Allergic side effects symptoms include rashes on the skin, swelling of the face, problems in swallowing, and swollen eyes.

Tetanus Shot Side Effects on Pregnant Women?

There are lots of women who are not aware that they need to update their immunizations since they are susceptible to diseases that may harm their unborn baby. Pregnant women must discuss this with their physicians to determine which vaccines they need and if it will have any bad effects on their unborn child. Vaccines are approved and tested by the FDA. These vaccines are tested for safety, purity and potency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the FDA monitor the safety of the vaccine not only to pregnant women but for all users. There are some individuals that are allergic to a particular component in a vaccine, like eggs in the vaccine for influenza and must not get the vaccine if not prescribed by their physician. There are several vaccines that should not be administered to pregnant women since they might be dangerous to the infant. There are some which can be administered to the pregnant women on the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Tetanus Shot Side Effects on Elderly?

Together with the needed effects, a Tetanus Shot may lead to some unwanted effects. These side effects may happen only to some. Some of these effects may require an immediate medical attention but others was able to manage the effects. Some of the symptoms that elderly might experience are the following: difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in breathing, itching particularly on the hands or feet, swelling of eyes, unusual tiredness or weakness, swelling of eyes, inside of the nose or face and reddening of skin particularly around the ears. Some of the rare side effects that other elderly might experience include fever, confusion, headache, convulsions, blistering, sleepiness, pain at the spot of injection, unusual irritability, swelling, vomiting, and swelling of glands in the armpit. These side effects do not require medical attention. But, check with your physician if the following effects persist and becomes bothersome.

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