What are the weight loss food?

Eat and lose weight? Too good to be true? Check our list of food below and try it today!

Eat More Bananas

Does it sound odd when you hear that you should eat more bananas every day? Apples, may be, but bananas…? If you are tempted to say that you don’t feel up to it, you have a lot to learn about the health benefits of eating bananas. Just as grass is not only for cows, bananas are not only for monkeys. Let us see why bananas are good for health.


Weight Loss

Are you beginning to feel tempted? Yes, bananas help in weight loss. The fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins. As far as the calorie content is concerned, you have no cause to worry, as the calories are almost free of fat. Eating bananas is a perfect way to lose weight, as they are sources of strength and energy. Hence, you get your nutrition and lose excess fat.

Don’t be afraid that a banana will make you fat; a normal banana contains about 150 calories max. The false interpretation that a banana makes you gain weight is commonly based on the fact that a banana contains a relative large amount of carbs, of which natural fruit sugars. These sugars are broken down into glucose, which provides your body with energy to move your leg, make a step, walk etc. Did you know your brain couldn’t even function without glucose?

Blood Pressure Regulator

The potassium content in bananas keeps the blood pressure under control. Researchers state that it might work out even better than a salt restricted diet for high blood pressure. It is particularly essential as you advance in age when the risk of rise in blood pressure is higher.

Heart Health

With more potassium content and less salt, bananas control your blood pressure and protect you from risk of heart conditions including stroke and heart attack.

Improved Digestion 

Eating bananas regularly improves your digestion, relieves you of constipation, detoxifies your body and keeps you in a healthy state. The pectin content in bananas aid in digestion. They also help in detoxification. This fruit produces digestive enzymes, which help in nutrient absorption. Being fiber rich, bananas cures constipation.


One among the many things the modern world lacks is energy. Blame it on hectic schedule but you can always get over it with a few bananas. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are great source of energy. If you feel sluggish, eat a couple of bananas and you will be instantly recharged.

Brain Health

Banana fuels your brain to improve its performance. Being a source of potassium, it aids on getting oxygen to your brain and enhances brain functioning. It makes you smarter and improves your learning skills. School going children benefit from eating bananas in the morning so that their understanding skills are at their best.

More Benefits Of Eating Bananas 

Here are some more benefits of bananas you would want to hear.

  • Rich in antioxidants and protects against chronic health conditions.
  • Prevents kidney cancer
  • Helps to overcome depression
  • Prevents muscle cramps both during workouts and cramps at nights
  • Strengthens nervous system
  • Cures anemia
  • Improves your mood and makes you relaxed
  • Cures iron deficiency
  • Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduces premenstrual syndrome
  • Relieves stomach ulcer
  • Improves bone strength
  • Relieves from morning sickness in pregnant women
  • Maintains blood sugar level during pregnancy

Irresistible Benefits?

You sure would want to say ‘yes’ even if you had all along being saying ‘no’ to bananas. While it might have been easier to resist eating bananas in the past, their health benefits are hardly resistible anymore, right? Make sure to include them in your diet, even if you don’t go all bananas over them.

Take More Calcium

The most commonly known benefits of calcium include strengthening of bones, teeth and aiding in hair growth. Well, calcium does more than that to make you healthy. Given below are 6 important health benefits of calcium intake. It might help if you are aware that human body cannot produce necessary amounts of calcium for its growth and hence it is on you to give your body the calcium it needs.


Bone Health

Ensuring that you have your share of calcium intake is essential as when you are low on calcium, your body uses the calcium stored in the bones to perform biological functions. This will weaken the bones and the risk of fracture increases. Calcium intake is essential for growing children as bone develops until 20 years and it starts decreasing around 30 years of age. To ensure growth during the period of development and to reduce bone loss while aging, you need to have your share of calcium in your diet. Going without sufficient calcium can result in osteoporosis, a term that refers to thinning of the bones.

Weight Control

Since calcium promotes more fat to burn and less to store, it is said that it helps to keep your weight under check. Studies show that higher intake of calcium reduces body weight. Owing to the slimming effects calcium has on metabolism, those who intend to lose weight turn towards calcium.

High Blood Pressure

Certain studies suggest that increased intake of calcium lowers high blood pressure. However, more researches are being conducted to substantiate the findings. The studies conducted so far, arrive at the same conclusion and hence, there can be a possible connection between intake of calcium and lowering of blood pressure.

Kidney Stones

Contrary to the belief that higher calcium intake resulted in stone formation in kidneys, it is the higher intake of calcium that reduces the risk of stones in kidneys. With other recommendations to prevent kidney stones, you need to include foods rich in calcium in your diet.

Fights Cancer

Researches suggest that calcium intake might reduce risk of colorectal, breast and ovarian cancers. However, you need to stick on to the prescribed levels of calcium intake as excess dosage may increase prostate cancer risk. Increase in calcium intake is recommended to those who are in high-risk zone of developing colorectal cancer.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is common among many women though it can be done away with only if you care to add enough calcium in your diet. Around 10 days before the menstrual cycle begins, women have symptoms, which include physical and emotional changes. Mood swings, headache and abdominal bloating are some of the symptoms seen in women during this phase. To ease the stress out and escape PMS, it is suggested to eat foods rich in calcium. Calcium works in your brain and relieves you of emotional stress thus saving you from premenstrual syndrome.

Some of the foods rich in calcium include dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt and dark leafy greens, grains and soybeans. Make sure to include calcium in your diet. It is best to follow recommended dosage that meets the demands of your age and health.

Consume More Beetroot

Is beetroot already in your favourite list of foods? If not, you may want to add it if you are keen to lose weight. It is a well-established fact that vegetables play an effective role in weight loss. The health benefits of beetroot are many and one that is more tempting is its ability to reduce your weight. Here we go.


Low On Calories

Beetroot is low on calories and hence it is a great option for weight watchers. The calorie content in beetroots is much lesser than many other vegetables. You will feel full if you eat low calorie foods. Half a cup of boiled beetroots contains only 37 calories, which is just the right food if you were looking to lose weight.

Nil Fat And Fiber Rich

Nil fat and rich in fiber, beetroot helps to fight fat. Beetroot contains both types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, which help to reduce fat. They make you feel full and thus prevent you from eating more and eating sooner than is necessary.

Healthy Liver Helps

Your liver has a significant role to play in weight loss. Its efficiency in breaking down fat helps to lose weight. Betaine in beetroot helps to promote regeneration of cells in liver and makes your liver healthy. Consuming beet influences fat metabolism and thus lowers blood fat levels.

Magnesium And Weight Loss

Studies prove that magnesium helps to lose weight. Intake of magnesium increases testosterone levels, which promote fat tissue loss. Being a rich source of magnesium, beetroot can help with your weight loss goal.

High Level Endurance To Lose Weight

Shedding extra kilos is not an easy task, a statement, which you would be too willing to agree. You need to exercise for longer and harder to burn calories to fight the stubborn tummy. Leucine, an amino acid in beetroots, increases your endurance level. Increased endurance level helps you exercise for longer time and naturally, you burn more calories during your session. Moreover, studies suggest that leucine plays a role in various biological processes that are involved in weight loss.

Detoxification To Fight Obesity

The benefits of detoxification can never be over emphasized. Most of the people are aware that detoxification cleanses and rejuvenates the body. Detoxifying your body helps with weight loss too. When toxins accumulate, your body protects itself using fat. Hence, when you have more toxins, your body tends to use more fat to protect it. You not only accumulate toxins but also fat in the process. You need to go for the best detoxification methods regularly to stay free of toxins and reduce loads of fat. You can rely on beetroots to help you cleanse your body. Betalains present in beetroots support detoxification and thus aid in weight loss.

Beetroots In Your Diet

Beetroots are not only tasty and healthy; they provide you with a wide range of cooking options. You can never grow tired of beetroots if you know how to cook them in different combinations. You can have a plain beetroot juice or blend it with apple and carrot. Roast to make a salad or go for a smoothie. Just have it your way and in your style. Have fun and lose weight with beetroot to help you beat obesity.

Eat Lots Of Vegetables

The importance of eating vegetables can never be stressed more. To ensure good health from head to toe, you will find that vegetables have a definite role to play. Carrots for eyes, beetroot for blood and brain, bitter gourd for diabetes, cabbage and cauliflower for heart, broccoli and onions for cancer, leafy greens for weight loss and that is not all. This growing list of benefits can be enjoyed if you eat lots of vegetables. If you still need to know more so that you can make a switch over, here you go.



Vegetables are great sources of vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins are obtained from vegetables. Considering the fact that you need water-soluble vitamins everyday and your body cannot produce it, you naturally have to fall back on vegetables to supply the needs. Being rich in fiber, potassium and various other nutrients, consuming vegetables make you healthy.

Weight Loss

Vegetables form a necessary part of your diet chart if you aim at weight loss. Vegetables are rich in fiber and water and hence they make you feel full sooner and for longer. Have a perfect combination of vegetables that give you healthy fats and protein so that you will not feel the urge to eat anything before your next meal and hence the chances of overeating are minimal. Being low on calories, they help you in your attempt at weight loss.


Vegetables help to lower your cholesterol levels, reduce risk of heart conditions and being rich in antioxidants, they prevent or postpone cell damage thereby increasing longevity and postponing aging.


Detoxifying your body improves your immunity level. It purifies your blood and improves the performance of liver and other internal organs. Vegetables play an important role in detoxification. Intake of fresh vegetables, particularly rich in fiber content is suggested by experts for detoxifying your body.

Skin Care

Vegetables work great on your skin. They are rich in antioxidants, which nullify the effects of free radicals that damage your skin. They aid in giving your skin elasticity thanks to vitamin C content, which produces collagen. They moisturize your skin. Some of the vegetables that improve your skin health include tomatoes, onion, cabbage and carrots.

Heart Health

Regular intake of vegetables reduces risk of heart conditions. People who consume more vegetables escape the risk of stiffer arteries, which cause the heart to work harder. Some of the vegetables that help to keep your heart healthy include carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and leafy greens.

Strong Bones

Yet another important benefit of vegetables is that they keep your bones strong. Vegetables are good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins, which improve your bone health. The antioxidant content in vegetables promotes bone health. Greens and beans are rich sources of calcium, which protect your bones.

Apart from improving your health, vegetables take care of your wallet strength too. They do not cost much in comparison to various other food products. You have a wide range of options to choose from and you can find innumerable forms in which you can make them so that you can have variety. You can tap the creativity in you and come up with special combination that makes eating vegetables more interesting.

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