What is Blood Type Diet Plan?

We all are human beings and we live as per the same rule of life, but when the talk is about food, we all are different. In this article, we will talk about how different are we based on our blood type and what should we eat to stay healthy and have a weight loss over the time. Besides the fact that we should eat more fruits and vegetable and less junk food, we should know what group of healthy foods is better and more efficient for our body and how could we use that as a blood type diet plan.

How to lose weight fast with a blood type diet plan!

There are four types of blood which are dividing us in four big categories of eaters. General diets are efficient as well, but these types of diets are scientifically proven to be right and it could help you have a better health and also obtain a fast weight loss. Here are some characteristics for each blood type of a successful diet program.


Blood type 0

It is one of the oldest blood types in the world, having its origins in the hunter’s community which lived thousands of years ago, so meat is a good food group if you have this blood type. You should not change your eating habits so much because you are a little intolerant when it comes to nutritional variety. As a plus, your immune system is pretty strong and you should keep it that way, by mixing white meat with fruits and vegetables. Try to eat as natural as possible. You are the lucky one because you will lose weight a lot faster and that is mainly because your body is not assimilating starch from cereals, potatoes or bread so quickly.

Blood type A

This blood type was usually met in the gatherer communities in the far away past and your diet should mainly based on vegetables and fruits. Meat is not forbidden for you, but you should be very careful about it. Do not eat foods that have a high level of fat, because your metabolisms will intake that quite quick. You are the total opposite of the blood type 0 when it comes to diets.

Blood type B

If you have this blood type it’s better for you to consume lots of dairy products. Milk and cheese will work better with your life style and it will help you keep your body healthy and in shape. You also have a strong immune system and you will benefit the most from physical exercises if you want to have a really fast weight loss.

Blood type AB

Your blood type is the newest one. As the name states it is a mixture between blood type A and B and it is a little tricky, because you can have advantages and disadvantages from both blood type A and B. So, you should experiment both with a diet based mainly on vegetables and one that is based on dairy products. If you are lactose intolerant it’s a sure thing that you should focus on eating fresh vegetables and fruits as often as possible.

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