What is Christmas Elf?

Christmas is one of the best holidays of all. It is all about families, fun, festivals and holiday. Is that all? No, it includes gift and Santa Claus for kids. Santa Claus is folkloric origin and one more interesting origin is Santa Claus’s helper Christmas Elf. Do you wish to know more on Christmas Elf? Read through the page to know its origin, why they exists, what they do etc.

Origin of Christmas Elf:

Christmas Elf and gifts are associated in the early 19th century. Christmas Elf originated with the association of Scandinavian folklore character Tomte. Tomte is also known as Nisse in Denmark. These characters are interrelated to Christmas and gifts so as the Christmas Elf. However, Louisa May Alcott introduced “Christmas Elves” in her unpublished book.


The Christmas Elf’s image was popularized by an American Magazine called “Godey’s Lady’s Book”. It was in a Christmas issue, the magazine included a front cover of Santa Claus toy factory. Christmas Elf was holding a board with the following verdict:

“Here we have an idea of the preparations that are made to supply the young folks with toys at Christmas time”

What does Christmas Elf do?

Modern American’s folklore included Christmas Elf as Santa Claus helper. He is tiny elf who is a hired worker of Santa Claus. Christmas Elf appears in green clad with a pointy cap. The elf lives in North Pole along with Santa Claus. He helps Santa in his toy workshop. Christmas Elf also takes care of Santa Claus’s reindeers.

Christmas Elf is very kind hearted and love to work in the toy workshop. He enjoys giving gifts to kids.

Why Christmas Elf exist?

Christmas Elf not only takes care of Santa Claus workshop they are the one who prepare the inventory and check the wish list. It is assumed that Christmas Elf visit each and every house a month before the Christmas to check if the kids behave properly. They rate the kids accordingly. Christmas Elf is also very naughty. They sometimes drink the kid’s milk, eat apples, steal cheese from the refrigerator etc.

Christmas Elf then checks what sort of gift the kid needs. He prepares the list and hand over it to Santa Claus in the North Pole. Santa Claus creates the toy and Elf packs it. So, every kid should make Christmas Elf happy to receive their favourite gift.

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