What is Dr.Siegal’s Cookie Diet?

Weight gain is a serious issue!

Weight gain is a serious issue for most of the ladies when they reach 25. You crave for all those mouth watering dishes you’d love to have, but look away with a sight thinking about how much extra calories it will put into you. Or else, if you are already over weighted and wondering how to lose weight fast before the next gala event that you want to appear in a slender looking sexy dress, well, read on; we might have some clues for you!

Dr. Sanford Siegal is a famous weight loss expert, an author and a physician who introduced the famous cookie diet to help those who are wondering about how to lose weight fast. His cookie diet was introduced as early as in 1975 and is a well proven diet plan that had helped a lot of over weighted people to reduce weight fast. It’s a healthy, fast and an affordable way to cut down weight rather than expensive and complicated diet plans and gym sessions.


Several cookie diet plans

There are several cookie diet plans, except of Dr. Siegal’s. One other cookie diet plan is a Hollywood Cookie diet plan. This plan follows a simple concept. If one can lower the daily calorie intake to 1,000 – 1,200 calories with 500 calories from the cookie diet and another 500-700 from a regular meal, it will effectively cut down your weight. After all, dieting gets easier if cookies are a part of your diet! Also, you should know that some cookie diets you can follow on your own. Others should be done under the scrutiny of a medical supervision.

The cookie diet plan includes a special type of cookies which are designed to act as complete meal replacements. They consist of all necessary nutrition; fiber, protein, etc… They are good for health since they don’t contain added preservatives or sweetens; however, they may not be as sweet as your home made delicious cookies, but certainly eatable and will fight your appetite.

How does the cookie diet work?

Usually the cookies contain selected amino acids which help in fighting appetite – so that you won’t get hungry, and fibers and other ingredients which help slow digestion. There’s nothing very complex about eating cookies than selecting which type of flavor you want. You can eat around 6 specially designed diet cookies while drinking enough water throughout the day. There’s no specific time to eat; eat when you are hungry as cookie diet is specially designed to fight your hunger. Roughly 4-6 cookies per day will give you 500 calories. When you are on cookie diet, you should consider having a very light dinner that may consist of lean proteins and vegetable salads – which would give you around 800-1000 calories. So you can maintain the below 1,200 calorie level per day.

Cookie diet is very simple and easy to follow. You can virtually see how to lose your weight fast, if you follow a cookie diet plan. So why not step away from those expensive fitness centers and harmful diet pills, and try a yummy and healthy cookie diet?

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