What is HCG Diet?

One of the weight loss treatments that is gaining popularity these days is HCG diet. If you have been browsing the net for effective ways to lose weight, you sure would have come across HCG diet. Before you consider brushing it off as yet another diet that promises weight loss without much success, you may want to learn more about it. Here you go.

What Is HCG And HCG Diet?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG, is a hormone, which is produced during pregnancy by the placenta. The metabolic functioning is almost under HCG’s control through out the pregnancy term and it goes about this process through hypothalamus. HCG ensures that the fetus gets its share of nutrients and calories to develop during the earlier months. HCG form is used to treat infertility. However, HCG used in the diet is different and the dosage is much lesser. If you are wondering about how HCG is acquired, you can take comfort from the fact that it is produced in labs from sterile cells.

HCG diet was the brainchild of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who first noticed the weight loss in boys who were treated for underdeveloped gonads with HCG. They ate less and they did not suffer hunger pangs even after reduced intake. This interesting observation made Dr. Simeons consider using HCG as a diet and the outcome is HCG diet.


Preparation for HCG Diet

Once you decide on going the HCG diet way, you need to get ready to be injected for 23 days. If you are averse to being injected, you can opt for under-the-tongue drops. A perfect HCG diet session lasts for 26 days out of which you are injected for 23 days. The maximum limit is 43 days with 40 days of injection.

Apart from receiving the hormone either through injection or through drops, you are supposed to follow a strict diet, which limits you calorie intake. You need to go on VLCD, a very low calorie diet, which gives you only 500 calories a day. There is no point in taking HCG shot without following HCG diet.

How Does HCG Diet Work?

HCG acts on your hypothalamus signaling release of stored fat into your bloodstream. The fat thus released is used by your cells for nourishment. The fat provides calories needed to burn throughout the day. However, you need to stick on to HCG diet to achieve weight loss. You have nothing to worry regarding reduced calorie intake as these fat deposits that are released ensure that your 500 calorie diet is sufficient to keep you away from hunger.

When you have reduced calorie intake, your body is forced to use the stored fat. Thus abnormal fat is released and weight loss is achieved. Your muscle tissues and structural fat are intact as you lose only the stubborn fat that your upper arms, hips, thighs and buttocks have been gaining till now.

Is HCG Diet Absolutely Essential?

Getting HCG shots but avoiding HCG diet will do no good. To lose excess weight you need to combine your injection and your HCG diet. Let us see why HCG diet is essential to lose weight.

The fat types in your body are classified as normal fat, structural fat and abnormal fat. Normal fat can be easily reduced. Structural fat pads various organs and hence it is important to keep you healthy. Abnormal fat takes a lot of effort to lose. You need to fight it with exercise and diet. With HCG, you only need to be on a diet to reduce this stubborn fat and lose weight.

If you consider that dieting without HCG would help to lose weight, you may want to know that your body uses your structural fat and muscle after it uses your normal fat. Considering the fact that structural fat is essential for you well being you sure would not want to go on a very low calorie diet without HCG.

Recommended HCG Diet Foods

The rule is simple. Go low on carbs, starches and high-fat foods. Have foods rich in protein. Vegetables like onion, spinach, cabbage, celery, cucumber, tomato and red radishes get the nod. Apples, oranges, grapefruits and strawberries are the fruits that are allowed in HCG diet. The protein rich foods that can be had while you are on HCG diet include low grade veal, chicken breast without bones and skin, crabs, lobster and fresh fish. Say ‘no’ to sugar, dairy products and alcohol.

Is Exercise Required While On HCG Diet?

If you are averse to the idea of exercising, you may find HCG diet to be a tempting option to lose weight. Once you go on HCG diet, it is best not to do strenuous exercises. Since your calorie intake will be low, you are prone to be exhausted after a workout session.

However, it is recommended to do mild exercises to keep your heart healthy. If you have already been doing regular exercise and would love to continue with your workouts, it is suggested to go low on the intensity level. Do only as much as you are comfortable with and never stress yourself beyond the limit. Since you are on a very low calorie diet, you need to reschedule your exercises in such a way that you are not fatigued.

What Happen After HCG Diet?

It is only natural for you to question on how you would be after your HCG diet. You may wonder if you need to stick on to a particular diet plan the rest of your life or you may want to know if you will put on weight after the session. Some dread the possibility of overeating after a diet that is so low on carbs.

Well, you have no cause to worry. You will be in perfect shape and health once you complete your HCG diet session successfully. Just be sure to make a wise choice of foods. There is no reason why you should not indulge your taste buds; only just be wise to avoid processed foods and foods that are chemical-infused. Have balanced foods that give you your share of nutrients and minerals.

Whether you like it or not, exercise has a major role to play in keeping you healthy. Now that you have reduced weight with HCG diet, exercise regularly to enjoy the health benefits forever.

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