What is Online Business?

The term online business means different things to different people. For some people, it represents a brand new business that is conducted entirely online whereas for other people, it represents an addition and a new business channel to their existing traditional business. Regardless of how you look at it, it is a business that requires the same business basics such as business planning, identifying a target market and your target customer and creating well-planned and effective sales and marketing strategy to generate revenues from your target market. You can regard your presence on the Internet whether it is a blog or a website as your storefront where customers are going to visit and interact with you. You should therefore make your web presence entertaining and fun to use while providing comprehensive information on your product or service.

Here are the steps to get started in your online business:

  • arrange for your Web hosting. You should be able to host a number of Web sites and blogs on your basic hosting package.
  • arrange for your domain registration. Private registration is recommended to avoid unnecessary quantities of spam. Long-term registration such as five years is also recommended because you will be rewarded with higher rankings from the search engines.
  • arrange for a content management system such as WordPress.WordPress was originally designed for blogs but has now evolved into a complete web site design and management solution. Even without any technical expertise, you will be able to manage the looks and the content of your Web site with the greatest of ease. What is more, it is free.
  • choose your WordPress theme with care because it was this is what determines the look of your Web site. It can be a problem to switch themes later especially if you have created a lot of content. Look through the free themes and, if you cannot find one that suits you, buying the theme is an inexpensive affair.
  • create the means to stay in touch with your target market. One good way of achieving this is to create a newsletter that is informative and entertaining and keeps you in regular touch with your prospects. Remember that any blatant sales pitches in your newsletter will be quite rightly treated by your prospective customers as spam.

If you are doing online business in Singapore, let us take a look on how to make the most of your Singapore domain name. Naturally you would want your website to have as impressive and effective a domain name as possible. In the first place, keep your domain name as short as possible so that it is easy to remember. The shorter your domain name, the higher the probability that your target customer is going to remember the name and enter your URL the next time he logs in on the Internet. Also, if possible, avoid the use of numbers and concentrate on letters alone. If you have a really effective domain name, remember that it can be sold at a premium later should you wish to switch domain names for any reason. Remember to incorporate an effective key word in your domain name that gives people and immediate snapshot of the product or service that you are offering.

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