What is Ornish Diet Plan?

Dean Ornish introduced the Ornish diet on the motto – ‘eat more, weigh less’. How is this possible? Of course, if your diet is low in fat, carbohydrate and calories, but rich in vitamins and minerals, it would help you reduce weight. Ornish diet is the way to lose weight fast, without suffering with hunger and appetite.

Origins of Ornish diet

Dean Ornish is a professor at University of California, SF. He specializes in clinical sciences and a physician. During his tenure as a medical student at Harvard Medicine School, he became interested in heart disease. As a result of hard working research, in 1978 he introduced a diet which was 100% vegetarian and contained very low fat. It was proven to be quite successful; therefore he extended his research to find out more diets suitable for heart diseases and weight loss. The important thing about Ornish diet is that it doesn’t imply any hard and fast rules; instead it offers more options for people to select what best suits them. Dr. Ornish emphasizes the importance of change in lifestyle along with the diet, for example avoiding stress, regular exercise and quit smoking.


Basics of Ornish diet

The basics of Ornish diet are very simple; you don’t change the amount you eat, you only change what you eat. Further, you have options for the diet, rather than rules. With Ornish diet, you can eat anything from fruits and vegetables to whole grains, but you have to limit fat and oils as they will increase the calorie level which results in a weight gain. Ornish diet is primarily vegetarian, except for egg whites and non-fat milk, non-fat cheese and other dairy products. It doesn’t include any cholesterol or saturated fat ingredients, or meat. It also excludes all sorts of nuts, chocolates, seeds, avocados, coconut and oil. Caffeine is omitted from Ornish diet, but you can consume small amounts of alcohol and salt. Further, Ornish suggests that you should take several light meals during the day, rather than three heavy meals. It will make you eat less since you don’t get hungry between meals and hence help you gain less weight. Medical researchers have proven that Ornish diet can lose 24 pounds during a year, on an average. Further, since the diet is vegetarian it is healthy for overall health as well.

Meal ideas for Ornish Diet

Following is a sample daily meal that can go along with the Ornish diet.

Breakfast: – orange juice for drink, non-fat yoghurt with cereal made of whole grains

Lunch: – broccoli, cheese and spinach stuffed baked potatoes, fresh fruits or green salad, potato salads (use fat-free dressings)

Dinner: – toast or sliced bread, whole meal pasta, vegetable salad

Drinks: – water, milk, fruit juice, tea

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