What is Stomach Banding Surgery?

Bariatric surgeries are done to reduce weight. There are a lot of techniques of Bariatric surgery and one very important of them is called stomach banding or adjustable gastric bands or lap band. Laparoscopic stomach banding is the second most common type of Bariatric surgery after gastric bypass.

Indications of stomach banding

It is the procedure for those who failed to reduce weight by non-surgical methods like  modification of lifestyle from sedentary to active, exercise or supervised diet. FDA endorsed gastric bands are available for the persons who are 18 years old or above. It is not approved by the FDA to go for stomach banding surgery before 18 years of age.


Principle of stomach banding

The adjustable band is placed at the upper area of the stomach to make a small pouch of it. This newly created pouch can only hold ¬Ĺ cup of food as compared to the normal adult stomach which has the capacity of approximately 6 cups of food. The band is adjustable which means it can be made tighter or it can be loosen.

How stomach banding helps weight loss?

With stomach banding a small pouch of the stomach is made which has a very small capacity to hold food. It helps to achieve satisfaction after having limited amount of the meal. It also delays the release of food into distal parts of the stomach and into the intestine. It is a type of restrictive surgery, but among all the Bariatric surgical procedures laparoscopic stomach banding is the least invasive procedure. It reduces the amount of food intake and early satiety (satisfaction of fullness). It is proved that laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands can lead to the loss of up to 40% excess weight on an average. Stomach banding is least invasive and reversible procedure if needed. But along with stomach banding you have to choose healthy food options, and proper exercise will help in sustained weight loss.


Laparoscopic stomach banding is a type of restrictive Bariatric surgery that helps in fast weight loss by decreasing the amount of food intake and early satisfaction. It is non-invasive, adjustable and reversible technique and if the band is removed, stomach achieves its previous normal size and shape. Like all other Bariatric surgical procedures gastric lap banding also has some complications and side effects which can be minimized by use of healthy food and good eating habits along with exercise. Hence, it can be concluded that stomach banding helps in fast weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach and causing the limited amount of food intake.

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