What is the role of an Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent plays a very important role in the marketing and selling of insurance policies to potential customers. The insurance agent can be regarded as the public face of the insurance company and represents the insurance company as far as the customer is concerned. In most countries in the world, the majority of policies are sold by insurance agents and, in many of these countries; the insurance agent has to be properly qualified and accredited.

The primary role of the insurance agent is to help you to choose the appropriate policy for your needs. Because there are all kinds of insurance policies available ranging from life insurance to health insurance took insurance and so on, the agent attempts to get a detailed knowledge of your needs and furnish you with detailed explanations of the type of insurance that is available and what it will cost. In other words, the good insurance agent will help you to find the most cost-effective solution to your insurance needs.

Here are some of the functions that the insurance agent will perform:

  • provide you with the necessary application forms and guide you on how to complete them. This is extremely important as all insurance contracts are what are called “contracts of the utmost good faith” and if, by any chance, you supply misleading or false information to the insurer in your application, the insurer has the right to cancel your coverage.
  • submit your forms to the insurance company and follow up till the policy has been issued.
  • help you to complete the formalities associated with the insurance cover such as the necessary medical tests and examinations.
  • provide you with reminders when your premium payments fall due
  • generally assisting with the management of your insurance policies including handling items like change of address and loan applications.

As an example, just take a more detailed look at how an insurance agent operating in the field of health insurance functions. He will make sure that he has a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in the industry as well as the latest products that are available. Since he will often represent several insurers, he will be in a position to offer you a wide range of alternatives and coverage options. He will also provide you with expert guidance that is tailored to your particular needs so that you can choose the most cost-effective and appropriate coverage. Their primary allegiance will be to their customer and not to the insurer which means that you will get the best unbiased professional advice on what is good for you.

You can expect the following services from a good health insurance agent:

  • a professional evaluation of your particular personal health needs
  • a detailed presentation of the plans that are available and the comparative costs
  • specific recommendations on the plan that best suits you and your budget
  • review of your plan from time to time and recommendations on minor adjustments if they are necessary
  • Assistance in dealing with insurers for claims, doctors, hospitals and so on.

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