What is Volumetrics Diet Plan?

Volumetrics diet is a special new type of diet developed by dietician and doctors as a solution for people who want to lose weight fast. Volumetrics diets are prepared by adding only required amount of carbohydrates and fats and volume of diet have increased many folds by adding water and fibers which are of no caloric value. In this way the volume of diet is increased but its caloric value remains within the required limit.  This large volume of diet helps in stomach fullness and satisfaction without consuming extra calories.

How Volumetrics diet functions?

Principle of Volumetrics diet is to provide the required amount of calories in your daily diet and the volume of diet should be increased by adding non-caloric dietary components. These additives are water and indigestible fibers. When one consumes Volumetrics diet satisfaction is achieved by fullness of stomach due to the extra bulk of food due to fibers and water and the consumption of extra calories is avoided which helps in fast weight loss. Dieters preparing the Volumetrics diet should avoid adding oils and butter to their diet. According to dietician our healthy diet should contain 20-30 % calories from fats and 45-65 % calories from carbohydrates. So, you have to be careful that your Volumetrics diet should contain the required amount of fats and carbohydrates for normal health. Volumetrics diet also includes high moisture diet, which contain a large amount of water and fibers.


Naturally available high moisture foods

Naturally available high moisture foods which contain large amounts of water and fibers include fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content like tomatoes, green leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, fresh salads with little or no dressing.

Will you lose weight fast with Volumetrics diet?

Definitely, there are many studies which prove that a diet low in calories and high in fiber content help in fast weight loss. In 2007 a study under American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,researchers assigned 97 obese women a low-fat, high fiber diet. After a year almost all women lost more than 14 pounds of their weight. In this study only low fat and high fiber diet was selected and large water content was not added, if you will add a large volume of water you will be able to lose weight even faster than this study.


Sudden increase of fiber content in diet can cause discomfort of stomach and bloating in some people. If you experience such symptoms gradually increase the amount of fibers in your diet. You should always contact your doctor before starting any diet plan.

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