What to do Daily to Lose Weight?

We have compiled the below 3 things that you need to do daily to lose weight.

1) Step on the Scale Daily

I bet that since the first week of your diet plan you started to step on the scale and to measure the weight loss that you have worked so hard to reach. Well, this is completely normal and you should feel happy with every pound less. It’s better to keep track of your weight, so don’t let a day pass without monitoring your weight loss and also make sure that you have a functioning scale.

Try the scale method!

After you followed a diet plan, measuring your weight is a much-recommended activity. Studies have showed that people who use a scale every day to measure their weight loss are more likely to maintain their slim body and not gain weight so whatever you do, don’t forget to measure your weight every day. Even if you gain a little weight after the diet, don’t discourage yourself, people tend to do that. But instead, you could use this weight gain in your advantage, developing a stronger motivation. So, if the scale is showing an extra pound or two it’s a sign that you need to get back on track with more exercises and reviewing your meals.


When to check your weight?

Don’t forget that your weight can be different during the day so it’s better for you to step on a scale early in the morning after you woke up. It’s normal for a scale to show a pound more after you’ve just eaten, so make sure that you weight yourself before breakfast.

Stepping on the scale can be a good habit

You can make a habit for keeping a track of your weight and you can even take notes, day by day, month by month and at the end of the year compare the results and find out which periods are the most unfavorable for your body. If you find out this thing, you will be able to set some goals and diet programs for those months and avoid gaining more weight in the next year. So as a New Year resolution, propose yourself to step on the scale daily and keep your weight under control. If you know your evolution of weight loss, you would be able to sustain your story in front of your friends and family and convince them to follow some diets too. Only if you are involved, you could change the life of the loved ones and help them get a healthier and better looking body.

2) Have Sound Sleep Daily

In an attempt to lose weight, many people are focusing on diet and exercise. It is true that by controlling what you eat and by doing exercise regularly you will be in negative energy balance; which leads to weight loss if constantly kept for some time. However, there is actually another important factor which also plays essential role in the principle of weight loss; and that is to have a proper rest. For the most important part, sleep may affect your appetite; which in turn also affects your body mass index.


How can having enough sleep helps in daily live?

Sleep is a normal response of human being to recover the energy that is lost during activities of the day. By having proper sleep of 7 – 8 hours a day, you can recover your energy and increase your focus. Those who are lacking in sleeping time tend to eat more; especially if night snack time is considered. A study found that 33% participants tended to have the craving for calorie dense foods with high carbohydrate contents just after one night of restricted sleep; and this lead to increased calorie intake.

Benefits of enough sound sleeping everyday

Sleep is also known to regulate metabolic system as well as hormonal system of your body. When you get a good night sleep of at least 8 hours, your body will be able to produce hormone leptin which can regulate your appetite. If leptin is present in adequate level, you will have the feeling of being full and satisfied after a meal. Adequate sleeping time also suppress the production of hormone ghrelin; a hormone which triggers your appetite. Lack of sleep time will lead to reverse condition: increasing in ghrelin and decreasing in leptin level; which in combination can lead you to eat more often!

As sleep recovers your focus and energy, it is also beneficial to get enough sleep so that you will be able to perform more exercise; which is the key for losing some weight. It is advised to have 7 – 9 hours of sleep a day to provide your body with adequate energy and to lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, and additional health problems.

3) Eat 1 Egg Daily

Egg is popular, cheap and easy to cook food that provides you with high quality protein. The benefits of egg exceed its excellent protein content. Egg is rich in Choline: a nutrient that acts as a building block for acetylcholine: a neurotransmitter that plays a significant role in diverse cognitive processes, and that has been linked to memory and IQ strength.


Eggs and fat

In spite of all the health benefits of eggs, egg consumption should be limited to only one egg per day due to high fat content. A medium sized egg contains 80 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 212 milligrams of cholesterol. This means that use of only one egg can fulfill the daily recommended dose of cholesterol which is 300 milligrams. It is therefore highly advised to limit you daily egg consumption to one egg per day. Otherwise, you will go over your recommended cholesterol amount with 124 milligrams. The excess cholesterol can lead to high cholesterol level that can contribute to heart disease and stroke.

Restricting egg consumption is of higher importance to diabetics, who have been proven to have a high risk of developing coronary artery disease if they consume more than six eggs per week. Diabetic and cardiac patients are advised to visit their doctor regarding their egg consumption as it may require being less than one egg per day.

When to eat eggs?

Although eggs are high in fat, they are still a great source of protein that can contribute to weight loss. If eaten in right amount, eggs can actually help the weight loss process instead of hindering it. It is always recommended in a weight loss program to have either a high fiber or a high protein breakfast to increase satiety and provide long lasting energy. Eggs remain the best breakfast choice as protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates leaving the dieter full for longer. A research published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology compared the weight loss results of two groups following a calorie reduction diet. One group had carbohydrates for breakfast, and the other had eggs. The group that had eggs for breakfast showed 65% greater weight loss, and 83% greater waist measurement reduction.

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