Where are the Board Game Cafes in Singapore?

Do you want playing a particular kind of game the old school way? The fact is that many people in Singapore and in other countries of the world simply miss playing their favorite board games but they can now be rarely found due to the influx of computer and console games that greatly scattered and used worldwide. If you are in Singapore then you can simply take the time to enjoy your former favorite board games in some of the most popular cafes that include the following:

Pitstop Café


Upon entering this place, you will surely get yourself caught and met by friendly faces. On the walls of this café are pictures of smiling faces which simply depict an inviting, welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy gourmet coffee and a wide selection of food that you can enjoy while you play the kind of board game that you wish to choose from here. Over 200 games are what you can find here and a music background that depicts the era of the late 90s.

Address: 14B Circular Road, Singapore (Nearest MRT: City Hall)
Hours: Mon-Thu 2-11pm, Fri & Sat noon-3am, Sun noon-11pm.
Website: www.pitstopcafe.com.sg

Settlers Café


This is the very first board game café which was established in Singapore. On the turn of the year 2003, many other board game cafes followed. This café is simply decked in black color with a hue or splashes of other colors, making it as a chic place where you can hang out with your friends. There are more than 550 board games that can be found here and that each one is carefully selected to suit the preferences of many board game lovers and enthusiast. It’s a laid-back and trendy place where you can enjoy your favorite board game in SG today!

Address: 39 North Canal Road (Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay)
Hours: Tue-Thu 2-11pm, Fri 2pm-1.30am, Sat noon-1.30am, Sun noon-11pm.
Website: www.settlerscafe.com

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