Where are the Places to See in Singapore?

Whether you are a resident or a tourist who is staying in Singapore right at the moment, it is more likely that you want to spend some of your time seeing places in the country today. Well, SG is definitely one of the most fascinating and captivating countries in Asia simply because of its plethora of sights, attractions and points of interests that will surely make your day feeling contented and satisfied. Some of the best places that you must visit and see in SG include the following:

The Colonial District

This attraction is simply found at the northern mouth of the Singapore River. This place is simply specked with some of the venerable reminders of the British colonization. This area serves as the downtown’s centerpiece. Some of the notable things that you see on this spot are the Financial District and Marina Bay Sands towers including the Esplanade. It’s truly a great place to be during the day or during the night.


Enjoy various kinds of walking tours that you may want to try on your next tour.

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Depicting the colorful and wealthy lifestyle of the Chinese residents can be best seen here at the Chinatown. The area consists of two square kilometers which is found at the western and eastern part of the Singapore River. Here you can wander on the 19th century streets with its atmospheric and musty temple and associations of clans. Perhaps, you may also get the chance to hear the rattling of the mahjong played somewhere. So if there is a place in Singapore that you should not miss, Chinatown is the name you should put on your travel list. You’ll have a great time here, for sure!

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