Where is the Best Buffet in Singapore?

Food is usually what draws people to a particular place, well, aside from its amazing tourist destinations. If a particular place has superb buffet places, then most definitely people – both locals and tourists will make a bee line towards the buffet table in a heartbeat. But when it comes to the best buffet in Singapore, The Carousel Buffet Restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts is where you should go!


What Makes It The Best Buffet in Singapore?

The Carousel Buffet is famous for its authentic Mediterranean and of course Asian cuisines. And because it is located in a 5 star hotel, its diners are guaranteed to not only experience great, sumptuous food, they will also bask in the restaurants really elegant and stylish ambiance.

Best Things About this Buffet


A great place for celebrations – whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or your birthday with friends and family in Singapore, you can be sure that The Carousel Buffet at the Royal Plaza can provide you with a large and elegant space for your celebrations. The restaurant’s staff are also going to party with you and will perform a song and dance presentation for you and your guests.

A smorgasbord of food choices – this restaurant is famous for its global cuisines. From Japanese, to Chinese, Indian and Mediterranean dishes – you will never leave Carousel without being gastronomically satisfied. You can choose from their savory and sweet dishes – appetizers, entrees and you will even have space in your belly for dessert. The place also has a cold seafood station or counter, perfect for those who are looking for simple to exotic choices in seafood dishes and delicacies. Still hungry for dessert, Carousel has 3 amazing dessert stations that offer diners a multitude of choices of sweet treats from all over the globe.

The wide array of food choices will not only entice you to eat more, you will also end your day with a smile.

More details: http://www.carouselbuffet.com.sg/

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