Where is the Best Florist in Singapore?

Flowers are given to show feelings and emotions. This the reason why you should definitely consider sending your loved ones a well-made bouquet to show much you mean to them. Looking for the best florist and flower shop in Singapore? Then you should look no further because Valen Fleur is the one that would convey your message of love, so beautifully through the most amazing flower arrangements in the country.

What Makes Valen Fleur The Best Florist in Singapore?


Valen Fleur is declared to be the best and of course, the leading florist in Singapore; the company began spreading and sharing their works of art in 1997 and since then it has never stopped bagging prestigious awards related to floral arrangements and designs.

  • Valen Fleur offers its clients top notch and completely unique floral designs that even members of royalty would not be able to resist. From the simple to the elegantly sophisticated, you will surely find the arrangement that would not only tickle your fancies, but would also make anyone’s heart melt.
  • The company makes sure that the freshest flowers or blooms and other foliage are delivered to their doorsteps every single day. This means that no expenses and efforts are spared in order to produce the most sophisticated floral arrangements for each of their clients.
  • Valen Fleur also offers pre-arranged bouquets and floral baskets – perfect for those who are in a hurry to send some love to those who care for the most.
  • This top Singapore florist also offers an online shop where clients can choose the designs, order arrangements and pay for them through their website. Be sure to visit: http://www.valenfleur.com/ to order fresh flowers and be delivered based on the schedule that you have specified.


So whether you would like superb floral arrangements for your upcoming dinner party, as gifts for your special someone, or may be a way to show your condolences, then Valen Fleur will surely be here to help you out.

Valen Fleur
Location 1: 260 Orchard Road, #B1-10 The Hereen, Singapore
Location 2: 100 Tras Street, Singapore
Phone Number: +65 6738 7384

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