Where is the Best Salon in Singapore?

Salons are important places where men and women embellish and groom themselves and this holds true when it comes to their hair. If you are someone who lives in Singapore and are looking for the best salon to give what you exactly need for your beautification and enhancement purposes, the following are the best ones you should try today:

Kenari’s Hair Salon

This salon employs a team of hair experts and professionals who are into different hair styles. If you want that permed hair to look beautiful or you simply want that hair cut you want, this salon proves to be an excellent pick for you. Hair coloring, hair-rebond, and many other hair enhancements are what you can get from here. And once you are done with your enhancement in this salon, you will definitely go out from it with a great satisfaction on your face.


Kenaris Hair Salon (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kenaris-Salon/121833171251803)
Wheelock Place #04-03, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880
Phone: +65 6333 8209

Air Salon

Here you will have to experience getting a haircut made by a celebrity hair stylist at a price that’s simply affordable on your pocket. And at a price of $55, you can simply get that great transportation of yours from a creative director and a celebrity hair stylist in one. This salon has simply worked for photo shoots of some of the best and prestigious magazines and would definitely treat you like a real celebrity. Ark is the name of the hairstylist here and he’s really humorous and approachable in many ways, making you feel at ease while doing your hair makeover. You’ll surely leave this salon with a great smile on your face and a great satisfaction in your heart.


Air Salon (http://www.airsalon.com.sg/)
The Cathay, #03-17/18, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233
Phone: +65 6733 2340

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