Where to eat Cheap Buffet Dinner in Singapore?

Are you ready to cap the night with a really filling buffet dinner with your friends? What you need to do is to look for the one that offers the best yet the most affordable rates in Singapore. One of the best types of buffet to try out with your fellow foodie friends is definitely the type that serves food steamboat style. Now, with its amazing hot pot stock and a wide variety of awesome viands, you should definitely head on out to The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot – considered to be the best steamboat buffet in the country.

What’s to Eat over at The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot?


This buffet offers a hearty spread of yummy goodness for just a budget of $45 per person. And even if the place serves both lunch and dinner, it does not mean that it would not satisfy your food cravings come sun down. Here are the best ones that you should try out:

  • Choose from their amazing Hot Pot broths:
    • Old Faithful chicken broth
    • Preserved Sour Vegetable in Chicken Broth
    • Mild, standard and spicy Ma-Lang Tang
  • Fish Paste
  • Shrimp Wantons
  • Vegetables
  • Meat and Chives Dumpling
  • Eight Treasures Black Rice
  • Mixed Fruits in Delicious Sweet Syrup

With over 20 years of being in business, you will not be surprised to see that the place is always packed with lunch and dinner fans. Be sure to arrive on time to avoid waiting for a long time. And whether you are a true blue meat eater or if you are a vegetarian, The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot will definitely have everything that you want to eat for dinner.

The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot (http://www.chinesefeasts.com.sg/)
19 Tanglin Road, Singapore
Phone Number: +65 6734 8135
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (12:00 pm – 3:00 pm / 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm)

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