Where to eat Cheap Buffet in Singapore?

If you have this intense love for great and limitless types of food, then you should definitely go buffet hunting while you are in Singapore. Of course, when it comes to great food and a large spread of international cuisine, the country doesn’t fall short on quality, quantity and taste! For the best and the most affordable buffet in Singapore, you, your friends and family should definitely check out Buffet City – International Buffet Restaurant.

Do not be fooled by the somewhat very simple name because it would not keep you from enjoying unlimited helpings of your favorite grilled food and other authentic dishes from all over the world; and of course, this place will not leave your pockets empty. What’s great about this buffet restaurant is that for about $30 per head, you and your fellow foodies will be able to enjoy a great ambiance while having a go at their amazing food!

What You Should Eat At Buffet City – International Buffet Restaurant


To make sure that you will have an idea on what to expect before you head on out to Buffet City – International Buffet Restaurant, here are the dishes that you should definitely keep in mind:

  • Korean Spicy Chicken (Fusion Station)
  • Black Pepper Flower Crab (Fresh Catch)
  • Unagi Sushi (Japanese Station)
  • Seafood Pizza (Western Station)
  • Shark Fin Soup (Soup Station)
  • Fried Supreme Bee Hoon (Asian Station)
  • Famous Laksa (Asian Station)
  • Tempura Prawn (Japanese Station)
  • Thai Spicy Chicken (Thai Station)
  • Hau Kau and Fried Prawn Dumpling (Tim Sum/Pastries Station)

With hundreds of awesome dishes from different corners of the world, you certainly would go crazy over deciding which one to choose first!

Buffet City – International Buffet Restaurant (http://www.buffetcity.com.sg/)
101 Cantonment Road #01-04, Tanjong Pagar Community Centre, Singapore
Phone Number: +65 6410 9084
Email: admin@buffetcity.sg
Lunch – 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner – 5:30 Pm- 9:00 pm
Monday – Sunday and even Public Holidays

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