Where to get Built in Wardrobe in Singapore?

So you are thinking about installing a built-in cabinet in your bedroom or in each of the room of your family members? If this is something that you are presently thinking about then what you need to look out for in the first place is the best place in Singapore where cabinets and built-in wardrobes are made. Whether your built-in wardrobe is made of wood or glass, there is a name that you can contact to make your plans happen.



SingaporeCabinetMakers.Com is the right place where you can go and ask for the realization of your built-in wardrobe and cabinets. By simply contacting this place, you will be able to save much on the fees that are supposed to be collected by inferior designers, allowing you make huge savings along the way. This is also the home of high quality and dependable contractors and carpenters that will help you realize your wardrobe and cabinet plans according to your expectations.

For new homeowners, please attach a copy of your floor plan layout so that we could provide an estimated price quotation. Please send to enquiry@singaporecabinetmakers.com or call 9728 1356

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Amare La Casa


If you want one of the best cabinet and wardrobe makers in Singapore then you can simply avail the services offered by Amare La Casa, one of the moist respected creators of any kind of built-in wardrobes and cabinets in the country today. This is true because this company knows wardrobes better than their competition and this is really something that makes it one of the most preferred names when it comes to high quality made built-in wardrobes and cabinets in SG.

Amare La Casa (Wardrobe Specialists) Pte. Ltd. (http://www.amarelacasa.com/)
62 Sungei Kadut Loop #03-11, International Furniture Centre, Singapore 729507
Tel: +65 63657378
Fax: +65 63632676
Email: amarelacasa@ymail.com
Karen Mok: +65 8125 5024
Yina Tan: +65 9188 2839

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